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advan24r 04-17-2002 03:41 PM

Rogue and UUC Short Shifter Kits...does Rogue have the advantage w/the WSR
Does anyone know anything about the Rogue Engineering SSK w/the WSR...seems like they have an edge above UUC on eliminating the notchiness w/it. Which one should I buy?!?! most people say UUC..but why?

valerie 04-17-2002 03:55 PM

I cant really answer your question but know that I've seen several people around happy with the Rogue SSK. Overall I do not htink as many people here know about them so you hear less feedback about their products. With hope some people with firsthand knowledge will get back to you

Clem 04-17-2002 03:56 PM

I like the notchiness

Nutz330ci 04-17-2002 04:42 PM

I had one of the first Rogue units in my '97 m3 and it was awesome. I preferred it over the UUC units I tried out and think it is a far better product. I plan on purchasing the Rogue unit in the near future. Also, I am waiting for their exhaust to come out, sohuld be sometime this summer they say. They are really cool guys and the customer service is fantastic. UUC had (maybe still does? I don't know honestly) major customer service problems and problems with getting items delivered to customers when I was modding my m3 the last couple years, but Rogue has a great reputation from everything I have heard. I have to say though, that UUC's rep has improved considerably in recent history.

jcoop 04-17-2002 04:44 PM

From what I just read you could use the RE WSR with the UUC SSK and then maybe you would have the ultimate short shifter ?:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

wyu 04-17-2002 04:50 PM

I HAD the UUC Evo II and currently have the RE with WSR. I like the RE better, it feels less notchy, and feels more like its supposed to be part of the the car (if that makes sense)

The issue I had with the UUC was the "shooshing" noise when shifting and the rattling noise when in certain gears.
I seem to be the only person who had this problem, so, I dunno..

Rob Levinson * UUC Motorwerks 04-17-2002 05:15 PM

Education is free...
Know the differences. As enthusiasts, you deserve the best... but that includes doing your own research:


- Rob

bigtime007 04-17-2002 05:33 PM

I have the UUC and the Rogue WSR
I must say that the $95 tha i spent for the heavier rod did not put a smile on my face worth $95. The knotchiness is still present, but shifts feel more solid (If that makes any sense).

audikiller 04-17-2002 05:35 PM

I have the Rogue in my 2001 M3. I love it. The notchiness does not bother me and the shifts are crisp and precise. I did not even consider UUC because every interaction I have had with them has been a customer service hassle. I shouldn't ahve to deal with arrogance and attitude to get basic customer service. To me a good product can only go so far when there are other companies with comparable products. How you treat me is about 60% of the decision for me. I would not use another UUC product if it was given to me for free.

Keeferno 04-17-2002 05:48 PM

Wow, that's quite the statement, sorry to hear you weren't treated well. Personally, Rob and the guys at UUC have been nothing but great to me

JikJak 04-17-2002 05:53 PM

i have the UUC kit with the bearing carttridge upograde and it works perfectly fine. no noises or anything like that. the shifts are nice, crisp and precise. i also uses the UUC kit in my previous audi s4 and had absolutely no problems at all with it. as far as customer service, they have been great as well in that department.

So wats this i hear about using the RE WSR with the UUC kit. is that possible? does it actually help?

DISCOBOY1 04-17-2002 06:17 PM

The store SHOULD carry Rogue products

jcoop 04-17-2002 07:44 PM

Did you notice a difference when you installed the tranny mounts ?

Clem 04-17-2002 07:56 PM


Originally posted by keeferno
Wow, that's quite the statement, sorry to hear you weren't treated well. Personally, Rob and the guys at UUC have been nothing but great to me
Ditto here :thumbup:

John from jersey 04-17-2002 08:28 PM

from what i believe...
The Rogue SS is a factory shift lever bent or shortened....

And also heard u can make your own Rogue type short shifter with a few materials and tools in your own back yard.....DIY

In a short shift kit....i want parts that are made solely for a short shift kit...not knee grow rigged OEM parts

I would go for the UUC... and my experiences with Rob and UUC have always been exceptional

For people claiming that UUC did not get the parts to them on time...Parts get backordered, demand overpowers supply...delays in getting parts HAPPENS... not out of the norm for any company selling products...fact of life.

Im willing to wait to get the best!:thumbup: Motto: Accepting second best is a sacrifice

vthee 04-17-2002 11:56 PM

i have the UUC SSK on my 328i and i love it... its awesome... i'm not sure about rogue because i never used any of there products... but i am really happy with the UUC SSK...

i hope nothing goes wrong with it... knock on wood.

Banana_Bread 04-18-2002 05:36 AM

I have a RE SSK and it's been great, love the feel and the length of the shift. I wish i could say the same for the 95$ WSR.
Bigtime007 is right, definately didn't put a 95$ smile on my face either, didn't notice a huge difference or ease of shifting after installing the WSR.

B 04-18-2002 08:34 AM


Originally posted by keeferno
Wow, that's quite the statement, sorry to hear you weren't treated well. Personally, Rob and the guys at UUC have been nothing but great to me

I have the same experience as Keeferno with UUC and Rob. I'm actually going to be ordering a UUC SSK and all the extras, once the next batch of Sway Barbarians arrive.

Thanks UUC... and thanks to the E46Fanatics Store

Karl 04-18-2002 08:35 AM

An SSK is a replacement shift lever, a WSR is a replacement selector rod. Both are developed to be installed with just stock parts on the car, that is to say that either one alone will work on its own. This means also that the UUC SSK can be used with the RE WSR, as they replace two totally different parts of the shifting mechanism.

silroc 04-18-2002 08:50 AM

Since I am a Marketing guy, I understand all the semmantics behiind why a product is "supposed to be better" than the other-"New this , new that ................"

I would suggest that you choose to put all the words aside, and actually do something crazy ...............

Drive a UUC SSK and Drive Rougue SSK - You will know immediately that the Rogue feels better.

I did, and thats what I discovered.

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