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Casanova 03-04-2004 01:47 AM

Tires for sale
Looking to help a friend out sell his tires...

Set of 4 Bridgestone SO3

275/30/19 rears
245/35/19 fronts

only used for 1k miles

$700 o.b.o.

These fit only M3s or widebody 3ers

torqueaddict 03-04-2004 02:48 AM

Check your PM

Casanova 03-04-2004 03:10 AM

Tires were on a Mercedes, the guy felt he needed larger tires. Not sure how much thread left but it's only 1k miles (new E-class break-in period) so I doubt the guy worked the tires hard.

henrylee 03-04-2004 09:23 AM

pls post some pics, so we can gauge tire wear...thanks

amk6453 03-04-2004 11:04 AM

how much for only fronts? i'm local...

Casanova 03-04-2004 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by henrylee
pls post some pics, so we can gauge tire wear...thanks

Hmm, I don't have the tires. Like I said it's a friend's, and he's only selling local pick-up (Orange County/Huntington Beach).

torqueaddict 03-04-2004 02:06 PM

Check ur Pm again

Casanova 03-04-2004 06:39 PM

ok, I'm off to Miami, so I won't be able to reply PMs or posts till Monday. But please keep the offers rolling. 2 people have met the asked amount. I'll let the owner know, and let him decide the best way to conclude this.

Casanova 03-10-2004 06:29 PM

ok, I just got off the phone with the owner of the tires and he told me that 1 tire got damaged when dismounted....HOWEVER, the tire company gave him a brand new tire, SO the owner would like $800 instead of $700. This is fair considering 1 tire is brand new and 3 are only 1k miles. Post here or PM me if you guys are still interested.


Casanova 03-21-2004 05:10 PM


bee0818 03-21-2004 10:15 PM

Which tire was replaced?
If it was a front, would he be willing to sell it separately?

Thanks and good luck :thumbup:

Casanova 03-24-2004 11:08 AM


Thank you for all your interest, and if I was already working a deal with you then sorry. scansp7 stopped by the owner's house this morning to pay and pick up the tires.

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