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drewcon 04-18-2002 09:22 PM

235/35/19 tires on my 19s? Or can I put on 265/30/19s
ones wider but how is that possible...how do they both fit a 9in wide rim when one tire is clearly wider....or am I completey wrong...


UltimateOne 04-18-2002 09:25 PM

What size are your wheels? 19x9 , x8.5? If so then I would go 235/35/19 This is what I run

e46fanatic 04-18-2002 09:25 PM

what ever you do DO NOT GO WITH 235s on a 9in rim. i did on my breytons and now i have to sell them and get 245s:thumbdwn:

drewcon 04-18-2002 09:27 PM

Breyton Visions 19X9
Tirerack automatically fitted them with the 235s...whats the dif (other than being wider)

Razor325ci 04-18-2002 10:36 PM

i have 19 by 9.5 in rear running 265/30:D

e46fanatic 04-18-2002 10:47 PM


Tirerack automatically fitted them with the 235s...whats the dif (other than being wider)
i have one heck of a lip hanging off! if youe decide to go with the 235s let me know ill sell you mine! but trust me dont do it!

sweetbimmer 04-18-2002 11:50 PM

Not a problem as long as you roll the rear fenders..
Do you change your suspension or is it stock?

presario 04-19-2002 05:31 AM

Yes, 245 would be better suited for 19x9 but 235 shouldn't be that bad. The only problem running 245s is that it may rub a bit in the front (if lowered enough). But the 245s will give you a little more protection againt the dreaded curb scrape. :eeps: Did I say curb scrape? Scary thought! It's probably not a good idea but you can have them stretch the 235 over the rim if you want to but just slightly.

jpetch 04-19-2002 10:18 AM

i didnt want to go wide in the rear because it makes the wheel look a lot smaller than it really is:

245/35/19 in the rear for 19x9
235/35/19 in front for 19x8.5

Mikaly 08-03-2006 04:32 PM

e46fanatic (thread revival!),

Can you elaborate on your experience with 235s on a 19x9 breyton magic? I just purchased the exact same wheels and am currently in the market for tires. Like everyone else mentioned, tirerack recommends 235/35-19, but if you think differently, I'd rather go with your opinion since you have the same setup. You're recommending 245/35-19, correct?

What's your offset on your breyton's? Mine is 40. And do you know how much your dinan car is dropped over regular or sports suspension? I have sports shocks with UUC springs, so mine's lower then normal too. Any rubbing issues with your 245s?

Thanks! :thumbup:

E.H.F.A.R. 08-07-2006 11:33 PM

WOW 4 years later what a revival!!!

Mikaly 08-08-2006 02:00 AM

Haha, yeah - wondering if any of the original posters are still around?

Well, I'm gonna be going with 235/35/19 all-around like Paul @ EuroSpec recommended unless someone chimes in and tells me otherwise! Oh yeah - I specified the wrong offset in my last post. It's 42 (not 40).

k3vkoh 08-08-2006 04:22 AM

OMG the original posters joined at 1969, I'm not even born yet! LOL

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