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dbond 07-08-2004 06:05 AM

Bent a rim: file claim?
Hey guys,

Hit a big pothole traveling OH315 yesterday. Front wheel got squared. Not too bad I guess it can be fixed. So the question now should I go after Ohio Department of transportation? Anyone can share experience doing it? Any evidence to collect and stuff?
Or is it going to be just waste of time? :dunno:

Found this. It seems like they are pretty good at picking up responsibility:


DrtyJack75 07-14-2004 04:16 AM

hey...give it a try
I had a ex-girlfriend that had a similiar problem....but it was the road being uneven right at the edge of a bridge. It bent her wheel. I dont talk to her anymore so I cant really find out to much info, but hey...if it's gonna cost you more than your willing to just lose....try it! I know I will if it happens to me....

this sounds crazy but my buddies wife was out jogging back when she was in highschool and tripped cause a sidewalk was uneven.....messed up her knee pretty bad, and she's still getting paid! (10 yrs later)

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