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s54amgkilla 07-28-2004 03:33 PM

Brady Wells, AKA Tucker---bad bad man
I recently purchased some BBS RG-R’s from Tucker, aka- Brady Wells from Texas.. If any of you’ve seen the ones posted on e46fanatics.com some time in June, you know what I’m talking about.. Brady even posted pics of the rims saying all were in near perfect condition with exception to a small scratch on only ONE front rim..
I have a 30% wholesale discount on rims but I decided to get these used ones since they were almost new and a couple hundred bucks cheaper than my price.. after all, they’re just rims and eventually something will happen to em’.. Because of this Texas piece of SH*T, I will never buy anything from the forums again.. I’d rather pay more for something new and from a LEGIT place and have piece of mind, rather than put my money on someone I don’t even know… For those of you who’d like to know the condition of the rims I received from SHADY WELLS, here it goes:

1) The other front rim had TWO big scratches on the lip, looks like he drove over a pothole or something
2) One rear wheel had a damaged hubcentric (completely bent up) and now I gotta order a new one from BBS
3) The final rear wheel and by far the worst, can’t even be mounted onto the car. The wheel is out of round and it cannot even be repaired.. ONLY REPLACED!! The balance on the wheel was off 2.75 and 3.5. My technician tested the wheel on the balance machine and the wheel was so messed up, it shook the entire balance machine..

So I call SHADY to ask him what the hell I’m supposed to do with 3 rims? He says all rims were in the condition he stated earlier and that the 3 problems I found on the rims were most definitely not there when he sent them out.. He said I’d have to deal with UPS on this one cuz he had nothing to do with it.. I told him I didn’t want the rims anymore and I’d send them back (and lose on shipping).. he says he doesn’t want rims that aren’t in the same condition as they were when he had them… complete B.S.!!!! it’s also soooo convenient that he demanded payment immediately after deal was made, before I could see the rims and find all that was wrong. I called him and after going in circles for about 30 minutes, asked if he was willing to go half on the replacement of the rear wheel (not even the hubcentric or the other scratch- which I said I would take care of on my own even though I knew nothing of it at time of sale) naturally, he said, “NO.” Now I’m stuck with 3 rims and if I cough up the $$$ to replace the rear wheel, I would’ve paid less for the same rims brand new at my cost..

INTERESTING FACT: my technician said the way the rim was damaged could not have happened through shipping (I’ll admit the guy did a hell of a job packaging the 4 damaged rims) but only through driving like… say…. WHATYA KNOW??!!!! a POTHOLE???? :hmm:

My question to Mr. Wells…. Why would UPS go through the trouble of taking out all the rims and scratch one, bend one, and take a hubcentric off of another one, bend it and put everything back as if nothing happened.. I’m sorry but you could’ve came up with a better story than that.. all i have to say to you now Brady is thank you for the learning experience.. :thanks:

btw-I’m thinking of hookin up my childhood toy tricycle with some 19” BBS’s.. will post pics as soon as it’s done..

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