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mindwarper 08-17-2004 01:01 PM

Is performance affected with different types of rims.
Im trying desperately to find a set of rims for my M3 that look better than the standard OEM 18's. one of the main reasons i dont want to change them is that im worried that it will decrease my overall performance with the car. I m pretty new to the wheels and tires because ive never changed a set of rims ive had on any of my cars. I dont want to break my wallet so at most i want to spend only 3500 for wheels and tires and go 19's. By getting 19" rims and tires that only cost 3500 dollars will it affect my performance in a noticeable way? Does the weight make a noticeable difference in its performance? Besides looks and just the way the rims are made what makes it worth spending 5k plus on rims when i can just spend 3500. basically almost anything will look better than my OEM 18's and the more information i have the better prepared i am to make a choice that i wont regret. for tires i absolutely feel i should buy the potenza S0-3's because for me performance comes first and of course safety.

D2-AUTOSPORT 08-17-2004 02:29 PM

The largest determining factor is weight and gearing. If you add heavier wheels, it will decrease your acceleration as well as handling response.

Think of it as your car being a human sprinter, running shoes are optimal, Timberland boots are the worst. So choose your wheel weight accordingly.

As far as gearing goes, the larger the wheels, the taller your final drive ratio, a taller ratio will net you softer acceleration and a higher (theoretical) top speed.

So those are your basic rules of thumb. Good luck with the purchase

HW323ci 08-17-2004 02:37 PM

each pound less of unsprung weight has the effect of a 1hp increase as opposed to every 10 pounds of sprung weight has the effect of 1hp increase. of course if you add more, then you would have the effect of losing hp. when choosing tires sizes, you try to keep the diameter to be the same as the original so you wouldn't screw up your speedo reading.

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