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NisoCrew 07-11-2005 06:41 PM

Installing M3 autodim mirror
Well, I finally did it today. Got an M3 mirror from a friend of mine who let a girl drive his car and...long story short, I have an M3 mirror and headrests because that car won't be needing them anymore. There are a couple DIY's on this out there, but none really talk about the method that I used to hook up the autodim feature. If you use the homelink feature, go another route, if you don't..please proceed.

Tools needed:

1. Leatherman or something else with small tools for prying/poking
2. M3 autodim mirror
3. E46 not pre-wired for autodim, if you are, then you have it easy and I hate you


1. Pry apart the two pieces that cover the mirror connection, just put the sharp tool in there and twist them apart.

2. Twist the mirror off the windshield (either direction, it doesn't matter)

3. Disconnect the old mirror...throw away, no one wants it

4. Open up the sunroof panel and take down the dome light assembly.

5. If you have a hardwired V1 then take the wire tap off of the blue and green wire, because that is your wire of interest.

6. Undo the damn cloth tape they use to bundle the wires for the homelink, be careful not to cut the wires...this part is frustrating, but stick with it.

7. Now...the interesting part...take apart the connector for the homelink so that you can remove the blue/green connector from it, you are performing a transplant. If you examine it, you will see there are two pieces and you need to pry them apart, try not to break it, but if you do don't worry, you don't use homelink anyway.

8. Now that that is apart, you need to remove the blue/green wire from it, use the leatherman's small flathead to push down the prong that locks it in and pull it out.

9. Now you need to pull apart the connector that will connect you to your mirror..again, you will notice the two part structure go ahead and remove that tiny plastic piece and hold on to it. It locks the connectors in there, if you don't remove it, you won't be able to get the wire all the way in it. From the side use that sharp tool that you will love after this and slide it in the small space you will see and twist, it will come right apart (just press it back to replace it)

10. Slide the wire in there and then replace that little piece you just removed to lock it into place.

11. You're done with the fun stuff...hook it up and test out your mirror by covering the front light sensor and having a lot of light in the car...Smile at your work and put everything back together. Go for a joy ride after you do the worthless without pics smiley.

darkmanlfe 10-22-2005 08:24 PM

^^ Thanks, I may PM you for some help. Your DIY should be enough...

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