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simsima325 07-20-2005 06:23 PM

** Mid-Atlantic BMW Service Experiences**
By popular demand, this is a place where you can voice both good and bad experiences with local BMW service locations (dealers, private shops, individuals perhaps).

So post up your experiences, and maybe we can help local Fanatics find good salsepeople and mechanics (and avoid the bad ones!).


budman 07-20-2005 09:52 PM

Just wanted to give Peyton at BMW of Fairfax a :thumbsup: He was very helpful, and had no issues with my recent service on the Touring.... :clap:

kevmo 07-21-2005 10:31 PM

crap.. i forgot which one i went to... i think it was *****... where i got my mtech.. and the no front lisense strip and my fogs... and some other stuff.. and he gave me the sweetest discount.. it was almost at cost cuz iw as talkin' to him so much about bimmers w00t

edit it was BMW SILVER SPRING!!!!!!!! i just got my receipt cuz curtis yelled at me :(

MpoweredM 07-21-2005 10:33 PM

Thanks for that pointless message. SOMEONE did this for me, SOMEWHERE. :thumbsup:

DiscoStu 07-21-2005 10:53 PM

Bmw of Fairfax is good :thumbup: They replaced a clutch in my E34 fast and did a great job. Didn't give me any BS either.

UberBimmer 07-22-2005 09:59 AM

Russell BMW has always treated me very well! their service department is excellent except for the fact you have to call 2+ times before anyone will pick up and you cant leave a message because they wont call you back but the car is done when they promise and the service people are friendly

budman 07-22-2005 10:09 AM

I can't vouch for the service myself, but a coworker took his x3 to the BMW of Arlington Service center in Crystal City and they need some guidance. They changed his oil and left the cap off, when he finally noticed it oil was everywhere, he had to take it back and get it cleaned twice, the first time they did a crap job trying to clean his engine.

edrock200 07-23-2005 10:09 PM

I posted about my negative experience with BMW of Fairfax and positive experience with BMW of Sterling here:

e46'd 07-25-2005 08:45 AM

BMW of Fairfax has been solid for me everytime I have been there.

edrock200 07-25-2005 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by e46'd
BMW of Fairfax has been solid for me everytime I have been there.

I think the biggest thing for me was the brakes, had I not decided to do them myself, I would have never known that they didn't need replacing (the front anyway.) I think a large part of it has to do with your advisor as well.

simsima325 09-30-2005 06:56 PM

Got a top notch alignment after my coilover install at Pro Imports in MD. I wasn't that far off, which was surprising, but the car does feel better afterwards :) :thumbup:

$80, better deal than the stealerships and most other places.

BTW, as a side note, had Currys of Sterling do my brakes like 6 months back.... not professional guys there, I would avoid them at all costs :thumbdwn:

hangar9john 10-15-2005 10:57 PM

Good Service at Russell BMW, Pro-Imports in Maryland
I recently purchased a pre-owned 2002 BMW 330i (sport package, premium package, 5 speed, titanium silver/black leather) from Advantage Certified in Manassas, Virginia. The car (13K miles) appears as new. The purchase was painless and straight-forward. They seem to know BMW's very well and have a nice stock of clean cars available. I was able to find just what I wanted. If they were closer to home, I might choose to have my car serviced there.

I took my car to Russell BMW (west side of Baltimore) for the iPod interface installation. Service advisor Cindy Hahn was friendly and helpful, as was everyone else at the dealership. Pricing was more than fair. Communication was outstanding and I felt I was treated well. There was a glitch with the installation and I had to return a second time to get it straightened out, but was given a BMW loaner while the work was done. I would not hesitate to return to Russell BMW.

By the way, I first called VOB BMW in Rockville, MD (closer to home) about the iPod interface install. I gave them the VIN number of my car and they said the interface would not work on my car. This is incorrect. Based on that call and a previous visit to the dealership while car shopping, VOB is not on my "preferred list."

I also should mention a positive experience at Northwest BMW in Reisterstown, Maryland. I went there a few weeks ago to test drive a pre-owned 330ci coupe. The sales staff was helpful and friendly and gave me plenty of time to drive the CI as well as a pre-owned 330i. The test drives helped me with the decision to look for the perfect 330i. As much as I wanted the coupe, I learned that the sedan, with a bit more headroom, was a better fit for me.

Finally, I'd like to put in a plug for Pro Imports, an independent shop in Gaithersburg, MD. I've had my VW Passat (1.8 Turbo, chipped) serviced there for the past few years and have always been impressed. The folks are friendly, honest, and knowlegeable. They specialize in BMW's, Audi's and VW's, but also work on Japanese imports. You will usually see a number of high performance cars in the shop - BMW's, VW GTI's, Audi S4's and so on. They do performance mods as well as regular service.

xcelr8dbmw 10-17-2005 04:42 PM

kudos to Towson BMW
Bought my car there, CPO 330ci..i get free car washes for life, bmw loaners, very nice clean waiting room with free goodies..kinda pricey but for a little bit extra its worth it. plus if you bought your car there, you get priority service :woot: :woot:

BMWPower06 11-14-2005 10:46 PM

My service advisor at BMW of Sterling is Jim Eddy, good guy but the service manager is Brad he was a real nice guy and really knew his stuff i would def. recommend him the guy knew more than the mechanics did.
My dad took his car to arlington (5er in sig) a couple times for a drive shaft prob. His advisor (alex i think) was a good guy the mechanic was the rudest mother Fer i had ever met. The headlight assembly on his 5 was replaced with a brand new one and they forgot to put the little peice underneath it back on (good thing i went with my dad to pick it up, he wouldve never noticed something so little) I pointed it out to the mechanic and he was like its supposed to be like that, i was like really then y does the passenger side have it, hes like ok ill be right back. He gets in the car starts flooring it around the parking lot :rolleyes: and all most hits another BMW which is leaving (god i wished he wouldve hit), he slammed on the brakes in the nick of time. Guy was a jerk. Sorry for my ranting but in the end i would recommend sterling above all :thumbsup:

BMWPower06 11-14-2005 10:48 PM

At BMW of Sterling the service manager there is a great guy, i had a prob with my LEDs and he came out to my car looked at it and told me he would personally take care of it. Very pleased with them, i take my car to them everytime and i am never going back to those crooks at fairfax. They charged me $130 to activate my alarm when it took them only 10 min. :thumbdwn:

BMWofDC 11-18-2005 05:02 PM

I was looking to get either a 02 M3 or a 05 330Ci this summer. I saw on BMW of Fairfax's website that they had a 02 Silver M3 with like 26k miles. The price they quoted on the website was $44k, which is priced way over kelly bluebook. I called and spoke with Judy Palmore in their "certified used" department. I told her that the price seemed a bit high for an 02 and she happened to agree with me. She further said that she could probably bring it down a bit but I would need to come down to the dealership. So I go to the dealership and they let me test drive it and everything. Finally when it came down to the price, she says the best she can do is 43k.

I told her no way in hell I was paying 43k for an 02 M3, so he pulls the old "Let me talk to my manager" trick on me. She finally comes back with an offer of $42.5k, I told her that the max I was going to pay was $41k. $41k was still over my limit, I only wanted to spend a max of $40k. So she goes to talk to her manager again and says that they cannot let go of it for $41k. So I end up leaving the dealership and ended up buying a 330CI at VOB BMW.

Long story short.....3 weeks later, one of my co-workers, who was also in the market for an M3 went to Fairfax BMW. The same lady offered him the car for $38k !!! WTF! Apparently they had got the car a day or two earlier to my visit and they figured that they could sell it for more than $41k.

Phat Ham 11-21-2005 12:34 AM

BMW of Arlington sucks donkey nutz. Their prices on parts are outrageous and their service advisors don't have a clue.

Lugnut2683 12-05-2005 01:56 PM

It's interesting to see such good reviews about BMW of Sterling, because I've had nothing but bad experience with them.

First of all, I went there to pick up some parts to do the oil change service myself. One of the advisors (I think his name was Jay) asked me what I was doing, and then proceeded to explain that BMW would do it for me because I was still under warranty. I was sure that I wasn't under warranty, but Jay insisted that they would do the work free of charge.

Naturally, after having the service done, they worked up the bill. I was like excuse me, this was supposed to be covered according to Jay? Jay came out, realized his mistake, and asked me what I wanted to do. I was like what do you mean "What do I want to do?..I do NOT want to pay for this!" He finally let it go. However, I was charged for the clown-nose activation which many people have said they've gotten done for free at Sterling, and they also charged me like $2 per bulb for new bulbs in my front turn signals. I had asked them to replace my bulb sockets, and they claimed that my Silvervisions had caused the problem, which is why they were charging me. This was ridiculous, considering that there is nothing wrong with having Silvervisions, not to mention they SELL THEM at the dealer. I decided to just pay the $50 some that the bill came to, and also decided to never have work done at the dealer again.

E46325i998 12-12-2005 12:00 PM

For anyone who goes to Virginia Tech they know that Valley BMW is the only dealer in the New River Valley. I took the car in for inspection 1 and the dealer was very curteous and also gave me an 06 330i as a loaner(sweet ride by the way). Everything was done well and in a timely fashion. The only problem was the 60mile round trip but thats not really their fault.

I bought the car in September at BMW of Arlington. I think i got a pretty good deal. The General Manager for Pre-Owned sales Alex Macatuno is the father of one of my fraternity brothers so he gave me a couple grand more than any other dealership offered for my trade and took the price from 32k(outrageous) to 27K. After reading this i prolly wont go there for service though.

PromethWill88 12-22-2005 03:02 PM

I frequent VOB BMW for repairs and maintence for my CPO. My service advisor Gint is curteous and respectful (after I dropped some names). First time I went in to see him he was ignoring me for the first couple of minutes while I stood by the foot of his desk. However, after putting my info and dropping my father and his buisness partner (both cars are under him), he treats me like a customer. I guess a 17 y/o kid walking in doesn't seemed right to him.

Anyway, out of the two times I had my service appointments, everything was fixed. I had a broken corner signal light with condensation buildup, I dropped it off at 3pm, expected to pick it up the next day, and Gint ended up calling me telling me the car was ready by 6pm. Not bad.

My personal verdict?


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