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Batm4n 09-14-2002 01:13 PM

Wiring diagram for HK subs
Does anyone have the link to wiring your speakers up again.
I recall someone had a diagram of it. I tried a search but i can't seem to get the key words to spit ou the diagram.

Can someone repost?
I'm trying to wire an amp up to the kicker 6x9 I have replaced the factory HK subs with.

It looks like I'll need a line level converter but I'm wondering what else.
Any tips?

boynix 09-16-2002 11:33 AM

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ttenn 09-16-2002 07:50 PM

Line Out Converter?
Does the Line out converter have to be a VEN4?

PM "Corrupted" 09-17-2002 08:37 AM

Any idea what crossover points the signal coming out from the HK sub amp are set at?

Also since I have a wagon (i.e. 10speaker HK set up), I think there is only one amp :dunno:

I'm thinking of leaving base system in tact and added a "real" sub. If I want to grab a full freq. signal where is the easiest place to tap into the system?


advan24r 09-20-2002 01:41 PM

Is there anyway to make a HK sub amp and main amp work w/an aftermarket deck?

patchesj 09-21-2002 08:01 AM

What subs are you going to run? I have JL 8-IB4's running off the factory sub amp. Not too bad. I found that the polarity seems to be reversed (swap + and -). If you still want to replace that amp, go with something that accepts differential or balanced inputs. Soundstream :thumbup: , a/d/s come to mind. Then you can skip the whole line level converter. Here is a good page on the HK systems:


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