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DamUTRIPPIN 09-16-2002 10:58 AM

HELP! Alpine CD Changer Question!!!
Alright. Here's the deal. I'm currently using my factory cassette unit, which controls an Alpine CHM-S620 changer. I, obviously, am using the proper adapter which is required for the two to work together. I bought the changer LAST July when originally picked up the car. When the changer was first installed, it was flawless. However, after 4-5 mon. it suddenly was UNABLE to read the CDs!:banghead: It would scan all six CDs, then would display "NO MAGAZINE"!:bawling: I removed the cartridge and even unplugged the cable, then replugged it back in. But, it still wouldn't recognize the CDs! At first I thought it might be my adapter, but when I switched that out, it still didn't recognize the CDs! So I switched out the changer, and sure enough it did the trick. So I just assumed that I had a defective changer. But, 6 mon. later, it did it again, out of NOWHERE! So I then exchanged it for another one. I'm now on my 3rd Alpine changer in the past 14 mon! And guess what! It just stopped working again!:banghead: :cry: :bawling:

I don't know whether to laugh:lmao: or cry:bawling:

So, I said F**K it! I'm just gonna replace the factory radio with a new head unit. Has anyone with an Alpine changer and adapter experienced this problem before?:confused: Or am I just one UNLUCKY MuthaF**ker!:confused: :banghead:

Any feedback would be appreciated.:thumbup:

guest1016 09-17-2002 04:27 PM

ur just unlucky bud. I've sold alpine since 1988 and I don't think I've sent back a total of 3 anything. I don't think it's your cahnger, look elsewhere, either the adap. is malfunctioning for some reason after so long, or the head is dropping power (weak batter) or something. Alpine is bulletproof

fabulus323 09-17-2002 06:03 PM

What does your screen name mean??

I hope it means what I think it means!!

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