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325i-Vizon 09-20-2002 01:06 PM

ICE help, gaming and screen questions.
i got some questions, wondering if anyone can help me out....here goes....

1. I want to put a console in my car, like a dreamcast, ps2, or xbox even, and i was wondering how i could keep it bolted (not litterally) down so it stays in one spot?

2. Where do i wire my extention cords, power cable, and a/v cable for the game console through?

3. What dvd/tv/cd player should i get? Can it withhold low/cold temperatures such as 10degrees?

4. If i get a game system and dvd/tv/cd player, will i need an extra battery, amp, etc?

Thats my questions....please help me...i cant seem to get any responses on this stuff. :tsk:

MCD007 09-20-2002 06:07 PM

1) Velcro

2) Run it under the door floorboard things

3) I don't know what u mean by dvd/tv/cd. I use separate unit for each.

4) If you leave the stereo stock you will not need anything else. Just a power inverter for the console.

325i-Vizon 09-20-2002 11:36 PM

thx for the reply...
i meant by dvd/cd player like the pioneer or kenwood or clarion one that sits where the current business cd is, it has a pop-out screen with touchdisplay on some.....u think one of these brands can withstand winter temps of like 10+

whats a power inverter? hmm would this be a good power inverterapc power inverter link (click here) here's a pic if u dont relaly wanna check the page out....http://www.apc.com/resource/images/f...dapter_fam.jpg

how do u get under the door things you were talkin about to put the cables and wires, etc.

velcro sounds solid to me, i aint drivin up mountains or anything, just flat valley saginaw :rolleyes:

thanks for the reply :thumbup:

MCD007 09-21-2002 01:18 AM

For the inverter you can just go to your electronics/computer store giant and pick one up there. I got one for $20 at frys that is 150W which is enough for these things.

I dont really like the flip up tvs cus they off centered when closed and look goofy. Id rather have a custom look.

The to get under the boards u basically have to just pry them up and pull. Just be careful not to break the clips holding them in. I hate how manufacturers have that dumb design. :banghead:

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