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jazzy_james 09-26-2002 04:10 PM

adding subwoofers and amp
First thought of getting the jl audio stealthboxes and an amp. Now due to some negatives comments, thinking of getting the jl cs210r-w0 (2 10W0-8 subwoofers in the prebuilt box) plus the jl audio 250/1 amp. Will be adding this to my non-hk system.

I didn't want to rid my rear speakers in place of the stealthboxes. Any thoughts or comments.

drgalleg 09-26-2002 04:42 PM

Ask yourself this...
What kind of negative comments did you hear?

Remember, the only real reason the stealthboxes exist is because regular sub boxes (including the one you mentioned)take over quite some space in your trunk.

So ask yourself: do you care about how much carrying space you have? If the answer is yes - then get the stealthboxes. If not, then by all means, get a sep. dedicated sub system.

If you do care about space - the stealthboxes are GREAT. Unless you have 1) lots of rear passengers 2) want a 5.1 surround sound system or 3) going for a TRUE audiophile Soundquality solution, then I think the amount of bass the Stealths give you will be fine.

Just make sure to also get some quality front components that can help blend the midbass/bass from the rear. This will aid in negating the "bass in the back" feeling. You will have some good front staging with this setup, however, which is why unless you care about rear passengers - you, the driver, will enjoy some great sound.

Quanius 09-26-2002 05:14 PM

It might even make sense to run a volume knob up to the front to control the stealths, yes? or is that just unnecessary?

Also, Where is the best place to install the AMP for the stealths?... under the trunk mat? In the CD changer mounting bracket?

drgalleg 09-27-2002 09:20 AM

You could put a bass knob control up front as that might help when you do have rear seat passengers who don't want to sit right in front of two subs.

As for where to install - that depends on the amp. and how much you want to spend for installation. If the amp is small enough, then you may be able to hide it near the cd changer bracket. I had mine mounted onthe back seat which worked out well when I needed/wanted to make adjustments to the amp.

Under the mat is not a good idea (assuming you plan to cover up the amp w/ the mat on top??), because the amp will get hot and needs sufficient air for cooling. You could just mount the amp on top of the trunk mat flush against the back near the rear seats. That would work. Make sure your installer does a good job of tidying up the power connections if he does this, as its possible you get water or snow in the trunk.

Hope this helps

Quanius 09-27-2002 12:05 PM

Thanks for the reply.. I was thinking of the knob since in other loud systems I have heard, depending on the style of music you might want less/more bass. This approach would be much more fine tuned since you are controlling just the sub and possible to do while driving. Now I havn't heard the stealths but I'm thinking they might not be as overpowering where this would be an issue. I.e. Instead the headunit bass levels would be adequate enough to make the appropriate adjustments.

drgalleg 09-27-2002 01:11 PM

Yes, I don't think the stealths will be all that overpowering. Even with a fairly powerful amp, the stealths are not built to win dbDrags ore SPL competitions. They do, however, sound very tight and accurate.

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