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chrz330i 04-29-2002 02:57 AM

putting oem m3 bumper on 2002 sedan
well to start off i crashed my less-than-a-month-old stock bumper (it was the most stupid and immature thing ive ever done n id rather not talk bout it...:sad: ) but the good news is that i'm replacing it w/ an oem m3 bumper. i talked to a couple of body shops after i trashed the stock one n they said itd cost about the same to repair it, replace it [w. another oem 330i bumper], replace it w. an m-tech kit, or try to fit an m3 bumper on there so guess wat i picked?? M3!! the shop already placed the special order for the bumper and should receive it on tuesday or something so ill keep u guyz posted :thumbup: jus hopes it fits :pimpin:

shan22 04-29-2002 03:50 AM

Will it fit?
m tecnik bumper or the original M3 bumper???

StreetTrixE4six 04-29-2002 08:07 AM

You might wanna make sure it'll fit ok first. Check the archives. I believe that w/o the M3 fenders, serious and expensive modifying is necessary for a clean fit.

UltimateOne 04-29-2002 08:31 AM

I wouldnt really suggest doing it unless you have the fenders, and then it wouldnt like right in the rear due to the bigger fronts.:eeps:

chrz330i 04-29-2002 11:24 AM

about how much would an m3 fender replacement cost? later on im prolly gonna get my rear bumper replaced to match the front...if everything works out all rite that is ill jus have to keep my fingers crossed :rolleyes:

Omar650 04-29-2002 01:11 PM

M3 bumper and fenders
If you are looking for a cheaper price to buy you m3 bumper and fenders i have them for sale cheap let me knoe Egypto05@aol.com;)

Full Time Hit Man 04-29-2002 02:19 PM

If you are talking about the M3 Bumper, it will not fit the sedan. It way too wide. You have to do a lot of modification in order to make it fit.

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