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Pmmeke 10-13-2002 10:39 AM

front speakers upgraded (pic)
Boston pro 6.5 2 way system with tweeters placed in the Oem mirror housing and cross overs in the door panel.

There was a issue concerning if the 6.5 inch speakers would fit a sedan. The answer is YES but you have to use the Boston mess grill. For the oem mess grill the speakers are to deep.

Hans acs did the instal. He removed the oem rings. No cutting the steel door. It was not necesairy

Pmmeke 10-13-2002 10:41 AM


Pmmeke 10-13-2002 10:45 AM

next week
Next week when all goes whell i will receive my Boston RM6 speakers coaxal 2 way system for the rear. I ordered it here from avantyper. It should arrive next week.

For now the speakers are so good you almost dont hear my oem back speakers. Next week i hope that will be resolved :)

The speakers dont play loud but they sound very high qualety and pure.

A real plesure to listen to

///ACS330Ci 10-13-2002 10:55 AM

Sweet! I love Boston Acoustic speakers and would love to upgrade my HK system with 'em. More info please :)

Chris320d 10-13-2002 10:59 AM

nice install

three weeks to go........


Pmmeke 10-13-2002 11:00 AM

More info
For a coupé you can make in fit in the oem housing. No need for the boston mess but sedan have to use the boston mess.

You remove a ring and they should fit with no probs.

Instal by hans acs member of this board. For very détailed questions about the instal better ask him

Vos, Hans

I have a 4 channel amplifier installed temperally for now. Each channel feeding them 6O watt

///ACS330Ci 10-13-2002 11:03 AM

Does Hans sell Boston or did he just do your install? Do you know if he used the Boston crossovers?

Pmmeke 10-13-2002 11:04 AM

Keep in mind that this is temporalyy solution

Pmmeke 10-13-2002 11:06 AM


Pmmeke 10-13-2002 11:10 AM

i bought
Hans sells nothing. I bought my stuff and he installed. He has no beef with a brand. He just advized me that boston is the way to go for exelent sound qualety.

I am saving now for the soundstream 5 channel tarantula amp and the new soundstream sq rubicon woofer.

Yes he used the Boston cross overs
The amp is 2 years old. It came out of my 52O bimmer. I dont drive it much anymore and the boston sets needs power. The boston speakers can handle 90 watt continiously and 2OO watt piek power (4 ohm). So without amp it would not sound very good. Thats why i took the amp for now to have a nice sound

Pmmeke 10-13-2002 11:16 AM

Hans took the sound from the rear speakers. Then he went to the amplifier. Then from the amp to the rear speakers and from the amp to the oem cables on the front door. There he connected to the front door.

I still have my oem bmw HU with cd changer

Pmmeke 10-13-2002 11:18 AM

hans acs answered some questions
On the ice forum a reply from hans himself about the install

My Ride: E46 323Ci ACS
Location: Belgium
Posts: 52
Hi , it's me here

I installed the pro driver from the outside. It fitted perfectly on the inside OEM ring, but then the magnet touched the metal part of the door. I noticed that the pro woofer was half an inch to think in order to be able to fit them on the inside.

So I used the boston grille to cover and protest the speaker cone.


PS; I have a E46 coupe and there fitting was not problem, but I noticed that :

1: The coupe doorpanels are further away from the door than the sedans
2: The ring whcih stays on the doorpanel after you remove the oem speaker, is not so thick as the sedan part. So then the woofer come closer to the panel and further away from the door.

Freude am Fahren...

Pmmeke 10-13-2002 12:27 PM

the speakers

GhostRider 10-13-2002 01:03 PM

Thanks pmmeke :thumbup: ! That just the info I was looking for! Nice pics too! Now I just need to find a way to get the tweeter into the OEM midrange location to keep the distance between the drivers as close as possible with the least modification!

mrzed 10-13-2002 01:17 PM

sweet dude,say are those scratches near that boston gril ?
now dump that amp and head unit

Pmmeke 10-13-2002 01:22 PM

Your welcome :)

I will dump it but i dont **** money :)
It takes time :)

Yeah kinda dirty:)

rome5982 10-13-2002 04:39 PM


Hi, I talked with Hans and I will be doing the same thing. I just bought a set of 6.5 Boston pro's off Ebay and waiting on them to arrive. I am installing a 4 channel 600 watt amp for the Boston fronts and a JL audio 12W3V2 sub. I have the sedan so your installation ifo is great. :thumbup:

Couple of questions:

You say that Hans took the sound from the rear speakers, then fed to the new amp, then from the amp to the pro crossovers. But isnt the sound going to the rear speakers already crossovered at a low pass frequency from the stock amplifier?
Also, I was planning to use the individual speaker wires already going fom the stock amp to the tweeters and front woofers seperately so I can mount the crossovers in the trunk (easier access for for any adjustments).

I already installed 6.5 JL audio evolution coax speakers in the rear for filler, and planed to use the stock amplifier to power these. But the signal is definately low passed and so I only get low frequencies instead of a mid range. I am looking into the possibility of changing these crossover settings internal to the stock amp. But it may be more trouble than it is worth.

Pmmeke 10-13-2002 04:47 PM

Intresting question. Hans would probably be able to tell you something more about that but

I dont think i have a oem amplifier. I have a oem bmw HU brand philips and a cd changer in the trunk brand alpine and my set up as i understand only has a HU that produces 4 X 2O watt going to the oem speakers without a extra amp. I searched but i cant find a amp so i think this is a euro thing of my 316 series. I think maby a 32O or hk system has a extra amp but not my oem system.

I dont think my system has a low band thing. But i am not a expert. Talk to hans :)

On a note: this is temperaly until i have my new amp and i also plan to , when i build the trunk, to connect new cables to the hu. Later i will buy a new hu to.

So for now i cant use the fader on my bmw oem to steer the front back speakers (have more or less power the rear of front speakers)

MCD007 10-13-2002 04:51 PM

Wow i didnt know Grundig made car amplifiers... :yikes:

How does the amp sound?

Pmmeke 10-13-2002 04:54 PM

whell i never had a 1OOO dollar amp like the tarantula so i dont know the difference yet between that and my old gundig :)

I hope the extra 8OO dollars make a difference and they will sound even better :)

Of course this tarantula has a extra channel 4OO watt for the woofer rubicon sq 12

But all in all i think my system now sounds great conseidering i dont have a big woofer and the rear speakers arent upgraded yet :)

grundig is a class a/b amp

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