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Har5ha 04-02-2006 06:40 PM

Hailos e60 m5??
Hi...a friend of mine picked up an e60 m5 two weeks ago!

Have the pleasure of having her parked in my garage as am taking it to get it tinted tom..

Was wondering if the rings could be changed to dde's...if the kit was available and how difficult it is to fit?

Thank you!

E60orBust 04-03-2006 07:52 PM

You mean change the color of the halo rings? Like from the Yellow (4500k) to white (6000K) or White/Blue (8000K)?

White blue, I dont know, but there is a company that sells a kit to change the OEM ones to 6000K white ones. I ordered a set for my E60 545i. Awaiting delivery. With the new BMW's (E90, E60, etc) any that come with halo's preinstalled just need to have a bulb changed out to change the color.

Har5ha 04-04-2006 03:57 AM

exactly..would like to change the rings from the yellow ones to white ones!

Can you let me know when you get yours and if all goes well with them?

Also which company did u order them from?

Thanks so much!

E60orBust 04-05-2006 11:14 PM


See my post 15 and 16.

Edit: JleviSW is coming out with a different solution (I think) besides just changing the bulbs like CustomAngelEyes.

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