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Delirium 10-16-2002 03:10 AM

HELP! Very Low volume from sub-out
Ok I will try to make this long story short.

I intalled my Alpine cda-7897 & ran a rca wire from the sub out to the trunk. I had an amp in there that was getting signal from a hi-low converter.. I unplugged the RCA's on the amp (so I could plug in the RCA's from the Alpine) while the power was on and I heard a crack & then a funny burnt smell.. the amp never worked right after that.

So I bought a new amp, brand new PPI & installed it. When I hooked it up & tried to play it, I can barely hear it even though the subwoofer volume on the alpine is all the way up, the gain on the PPI is at max, the QBass is up halfway & it should be loud! but I only hear a faint bit of bass from 2 my Eclipse DVC subs.

I didnt know whether it was the amp or the Alpine HU or what so I hooked up my buddy's amp )PPI) and subs, and the same thing.. well, this was a tiny bit louder, but it was NOTHING close to being real bass.. it was muffled & there was a lot of mids coming out of the subs. when my friends sub & amp is in his car (with a hi/low converter) it sounds fine. When I connect the RCA's from my hi-low converter to the new amp, its fine too!

what could have happened? Did I mess up the Alpine HU somehow? The sub control is on, the sub volume is on. HELP! Please!

fastcar 10-16-2002 07:24 PM

you could have burned the inputs on the hu, im not familiar with this head unit but if you have a front, rear and sub then you can try to connect it to the rear input rather than the sub to see what results you get, and if this works and if you have something else using the rear inputs you could always use y connectors for the front input and run the front and rear off of that input and just use the rear as a sub input.
Hope this helps

Delirium 10-17-2002 05:52 PM

hmm I tried a different alpine cda-7897 and the same thing happened! anyone else try the preouts on their alpine cda-7897?

ZzyZx 10-17-2002 06:23 PM

I have the same problem with my alpine deck. I had the 7894 and I posted the same problem a few months back. Did you also change out your speakers and added another amp for it? If not, I think you're probably using the internal amp for the Alpine and the factory amp for the speakers. I think you posted about this "double-amping before also. The high powered deck sends a loud signal to your factory amp, which in turn amplifies that signal. What results is that even if the deck is at a low volume, the sound you hear from your speakers is double amplified. However, the sub pre-out on your deck is still sending a lower signal to the sub beacuse your deck volume is still at a lower level. That's why you can barely hear anything from the sub.

At first I could only turn up my volume up to 8 or 9 max. After directly connecting the speaker wires from my headunit to the speakers (bypassing the factory amp), everything sounds fine now. I can turn the volume up to 18 or 19 now.

Hope this helps. If you have any specific questions, PM me.

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