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SLO 10-21-2002 12:02 PM

TV and DVD on Navigation
As soon as I finish all my current projects on my car, I am going to start on some ICE on my OEM Nav. I have a parts list to add the TV Tuner. Here is my question:

Are the BMW part numbers the same worldwide? If I were to have a friend in Spain (for example) order them for me, could he use the standard BMW part number? Also, what European country has the best exchange rate right now or is everthing already converted to Euros? What about South America? I know we have a great group of non-US members that should know

GeoMystic 10-21-2002 03:01 PM

It would be a lot easier to just buy the Nav-Tv unit from www.nav-tv.com. The setup like your saying costs around 7-800 bucks, I looked in to it before getting nav-tv. Also if you get the parts yourself, you will have to send it in to have the video in motion option enabled, otherwise your TV screen will shut off after 5mph. That alone costs aroun $300. Also the kit they give you comes with RCA inouts for audio and video, the parts you get from your dealer won and you will need to create the harness yourself.

I just installed this kit and am very happy with it. Any questions on it let me know.

Nyman 10-22-2002 10:39 AM

Topaz, when you bought ur car did you get the navi with it or did you add it later, if you added it later how much extra did it cost you to convert the OEM navi to work as a TV and DVD...thanks bud....I just ordered a 2003 M3 with the Navi, I am planning to do a custom system but I want the dash to have that stock look to it, I figured maybe I could get the navi to work with xbox or something....let me know what you think

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