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Chuck H 10-22-2002 09:29 PM

Laptop Audio through Stereo?
I'm trying to run audio from a laptop or other external device into my stereo. Does anyone know if its possible to hook up aux. sound input into a stock head unit H/K (non-nav)? I read about the BMWPILA but that sounds like a lot of money for a simple little adaptor, has anyone tried any alternatives? Maybe splicing directly into the wiring for the CD Changer? Are there any aux. inputs in the back of the head unit that i could just plug directly into? I was also thinking about running through the cell phone audio, but that uses a seperate speaker, probably wouldn't sound good, right?


drgalleg 10-23-2002 05:32 PM

Have you considered one of those FM modulator doohickies? You basically plug it into the headphone jack of your laptop, set a FM frequency and then tune your car stereo to that station...

It'll sound like standard FM quality (aka crap), but it'll work..

MCD007 10-23-2002 06:17 PM

U can either use a BMWPILA or an EQ with aux source input.

Chuck H 10-23-2002 11:25 PM


Originally posted by MCD007
U can either use a BMWPILA or an EQ with aux source input.
What do you mean by an EQ, does that plug into the CD Changer wiring as well, or does it plug directly into the Head Unit?

I may just go the FM Modulator route, does anyone know how much they usually go for?

Thanx for the help.

MCD007 10-24-2002 12:32 AM

The EQ uses the Head unit signal and then u can switch between that and the laptop BUT if you use the BMWPILA u can use the headunit volume knob to control the sound.

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