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dmblongo 08-18-2006 03:13 AM

angel eyes help
okay so im new to the forum....and i need help...i purchased a set of ccfl angel eyes for my 01 330i...maybe im slow but the instructions state to connect the negative brown and the positive grey to the wires that connect the drl's....i tried this and they don't turn on...i tried connecting them to the parking light socket and still nothing...the only time they work is conncted to the drl's and then switching the lights on and kicking on the high beams..then they look like they are flickering so i know this can't be right.

Has anyone had this problem or can help me...i am fairly descent with wiring but this one has me stumped!!

eolon 08-18-2006 07:47 AM

Is your DRL option "on"? It sounds like it is not on. You can get the dealership to turn on the option. Otherwise, the only time the Daytime Running Lights come on is when you flash the brights, which would explain why that is the only time your Angel Eyes come on.

By the way, "flickering" is bad for CCFL lights. A lot of people connect their lights to the interior lights, which are on a fade circuit, and cause the CCFLs to flicker, or, if you use a relay in the light circuit, it will cause the relay to chatter.

Either way, the ballasts will try to draw way too much current and fail very quickly. If you want to connect to the fade circuit of the interior lights, use a relay, and stick a 220 mf 35V capacitor accross the relay coil. This will eliminate chatter and make the CCFLs only come on when enough voltage is present - they won't flicker or dim.

GL and

Best Regards,



dmblongo 08-18-2006 09:38 AM

the drl option is on...they come on as soon as you turn the key..that is what baffels me

eolon 08-18-2006 01:14 PM

That sounds like a ground problem. The brown wires need a good local ground. there are a number of metal screws and bolts near the lights where you can land a ground.

Try this first: get a long jumper cable (test wire with alligator clips) and attach one end to your brown wires and the other end to the big star ground just above the ecu box. Now if the CCFLs do not light when the DRLs are on, then you haven't wired the +side correctly.

I'm betting it is poor ground...

Best Regards,



dmblongo 08-18-2006 02:06 PM

okay so your saying i can't tie right into the groud brown wire that feeds to the high beam/drl's?? its a brown and then a blue/white wire that feeds into the high beam/ drl's side..you would rather ground the brown from the ccfl and then use the grey ccfl wire to the blue/white on my bimmer?? I never thought of that but ill give it a try!!

Dstn8r 08-18-2006 08:48 PM

the way i ran mine is i conected the groung to the turnsignal ground and the positives are conected to a switch in my center console wich i gave power by conectiong it straight to the batery terminal (located at the front). send me a pn if you want my DIY.

dmblongo 08-19-2006 01:19 AM

ah so finally i beat the odss....so i found out using a volt meter that the drl's and the parking lights did not put off enough power...therefor i used the fog lights and vualla they work perfectly..thanks for everyones input!!


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