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franz 08-18-2006 06:16 PM

US Xenons...my impressions
while I am sure the ECE ones are great, I must say that the lights on my car are really nice. I had ECE Xenons on an earlier e39 and they seemed a tad brighter but it's really nice having the auto levelling feature (the other ones I had weren't on the car originally so they didn't have that). Also, the high beams on my e46 are a LOT better than the e39, which seemed to add two spotlights while these are nicely widespread, and don't seem to conflict with the Xenon low beams nearly as much. The highs and lows are both well spread and very complimentary.

I will be changing the high beam bulbs soon, it's not very easy on these lights.
I bought some Philips VisionPlus H7 bulbs in Germany last fall, they are supposedly 50% more light and should work even better than OEM. They are good bulbs.

BMW Loe 08-18-2006 07:01 PM

The highbeams on the OEM units are amazing. You must have Bi-xenon's, assuming that you have OEM units on your face-lifts. If so, these are significantly better at light output and spread due to its larger projector and more clear lense vs. the single xenons.

franz 08-18-2006 07:53 PM

HOT DAMN that explains it. I had asked if I had Bi-Xenons and was told not, and the salesman was otherwise VERY knowledgable. But I checked tonight and I DO.

Thanks a bunch for pointing that out, it totally explains why I thought the highs and lows blended and I have even more respect for bixenon because the area of the low beams didn't seem degraded when I put on the highbeams.

I am a total light freak, and this is very good news.

So....are Bi-Xenons going to benefit from ECE projector lenses and if so do I need to make sure I get ones properly suited for bi-xenons???

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