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wannbracer 10-06-2006 11:12 PM

Clear tail light carrier won't snap into place
Started doing my clear tonight and after finally finding the third nut got the OEM's out and clears in. No problem. Well, just one. The damn light carrier won't snap into place. Who else has had this problem and how'd ya fix it?:banghead:

325ci GreekMan 10-06-2006 11:48 PM

dont force nothing. i had trouble with mine but i just stood back took a look at everything then with a calm and rational manner I snapped that puppy in place.

Hobbes330i 10-07-2006 12:22 AM

Are you using the light carrier that came with the clears? I remember the light carriers are keyed so you cannot put amber carriers with clear lens and vice versa.

If you are having a hard time turning the screw, try turning the screw counter-clockwise all the way first.

wannbracer 10-07-2006 08:03 AM

No that's not the problem.

The OEM carrier that houses the three bulbs that has the wiring harness attached to it that snaps back into the center of the new clear lens housing that is attached to the rear quarter panel. It is bumping into something that is preventing the housing from snapping securely into place. I can't see what it's hitting. :hmm:

I have tried fitting the carrier from the drivers side into the housing in the clear lens before mounting the lens and everything seems to fit as far as OEM and the aftermarket lens.:hmm:

What am I missing?:rolleyes: This should only have taken 20-30 mins to done both sides.

2005_330xi_BMW 10-07-2006 08:49 AM

I have this problem sometimes, what you need to do, if you have the same problem as I do, it look at the male connector on the carrier, and the female connection on the tail light. Understand the mechanics of how the pieces connect. The snap piece on the carrier needs to be pushed out (towards the fender) sometimes in order to get it to stay. ALSO, make sure nothing is blocking the carrier from seating correctly on the tail light. Try to work the carrier on from side to side, not just directly snapped on front to back, but be careful of the bulbs.

Take your time, you should be able to figure it out, if not, you might have bad parts.

wannbracer 10-07-2006 11:27 AM

Problem found
6 Attachment(s)
I'm not an idiot!:excited: Not a fabricator either but at long last. There was a tab on the inside that should have been removed or not there to begin with after the lens was molded that was preventing the bulb carrier from seating completely. 2 secs with a dremel tool and presto, it's done.
I'm pissed it took that long for me to find it. Thanks for the help gang.

Mod #1 in the bag!:pimpin:

ikeupinya 10-07-2006 02:02 PM

Same thing happened to me Bro!!! Now continue on your quest of moddin'!!! :)

Alex323Ci 10-07-2006 02:17 PM

Sorry I didn't see your thread yesterday. I knew exactly your problem the moment I read it. My guess is that the Euro lens have the extra tab for the euro lamp carrier. So you have to cut the tab off so it sits down. The red mark with arrow is the one I had to do when I had clear tails on a US model.
*LEDs tails do not have this issue if anyone notices I have LEDs now.

2005_330xi_BMW 10-07-2006 04:33 PM

You took the time to understand how it all worked, then fixed it... good man!!

325 & 55 10-07-2006 09:29 PM

look great and nice job at correcting the fit. :)

IMO, your "clears" would look even better with some SilverVision bulbs and toss the amber :thumbsup:

JL 10-20-2006 02:05 PM

Thanks for the tip. I had some electrical problems where my left bulb carrier was busted and unusable. I thought that I had to buy a whole new bulb carrier, but because of your post, I was able to just snip off that plastic piece and use the bulb carrier that came with my ambers.

Put in some Silvervisions and I'm ready to go.

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