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Rod 05-05-2002 12:00 PM

Dealer owes me clears...
They will only install US DOT legal oem clears. Any idea how to tell when they become avilable for 02 sedan? Ideas?:dunno:

JL 05-05-2002 01:16 PM

As far as I have been told, clears for the '02 sedans are not, and will not be, available in the United States. Whether this is BS or not is unclear, but if you really want them now, you can order the OEM clears through Maximillian Importers. It's $399 for the clears, plus shipping.

Just do a search for maximillian, and it should give you a phone number as well as part numbers that you will need.

Derek330xi 05-05-2002 01:18 PM

maximillion sells it for $430 now ... $399 is the group buy price ... i am trying to set up another group buy if i can get enough people interested.

chrz330i 05-05-2002 01:26 PM

does nebodie have the clears from maximillian? if so how do they fit, did u have to make any adjustments for a perfect fit?

JL 05-05-2002 01:28 PM

Off the top of my head, away, cyclone, and jason330i have clears, and as far as I know, they fit perfectly. In fact, here's the DIY for the clears: DIY for installing clears

jason330i 05-05-2002 02:21 PM

they are OEM, Max Import orders them from BMW in germany, so they fit perfectly

Rod 05-05-2002 09:44 PM

I really want BMW to pay for them.(as agreed upon in writing) Any idea why they would not offer clears for the sedan through the dealer?

jason330i 05-05-2002 10:53 PM

somebody on this board was able to get the dealer to install the clears.

the problem is that US laws require a yellow reflector at the front of our car. our sedans will not have one if you install the clears.

good luck :thumbup:

PowerDrift 05-05-2002 11:57 PM

actually, the 1999-2001 ones don't have the clear reflector either, but if you read the BMW installation instructions for their OEM clears, it says that you must also install the amber reflector on the bumper for DOT compliance. To me it sounds like BS if the dealer says that they are not DOT compliant, thus they won't install them on the 2002. :tsk: I'd ask them about the 2000 or 2001 clears, and if they did those.

They are so-called "DOT compliant" if your dealer installs one of these:


You can then take it off after you get home :D

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