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Jlevi SW 01-12-2007 05:24 PM

Jlevi SW | Now Your Source for Speed Innovation ECU Tuning
Good afternoon everyone,
Just wanted to drop in and announce that we are now authorized dealers for Speed Innovation.

Speed Innovation ECU Tuning is an upgrade designed for improving the performance of your fuel injection vehicle. Speed Innovation Engine Performance Tuning allows the owner of the vehicle the opportunity to get the true performance potential out of their vehicle without performing major modifications. They are available for Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Maserati, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, Rolls Royce, and Volkswagen Automobiles.

We are currently in the process of uploading these systems to our site. Until then, feel free to call or email us to place your order.

Thanks guys!


CroBmw 01-12-2007 06:23 PM

do i have to send ECU to you or i can do it?

Jlevi SW 01-12-2007 06:29 PM

-At time of purchase, select shipping method that is suitable for returning your ECU to you. If you need your car up and running immediately, we suggest Express Mail or FedEx Overnight
-Once you have purchased, you will be emailed a pre-paid shipping label.
-You will remove the Electronic Control Unit from your car, box it up, and place the shipping label on the box.
-The ECU will be sent out, and is programmed the same day it is received.
-The ECU will be returned the same day, by whatever shipping method you originally chose. The shipping for this is included in the price of your Tuning Upgrade-
-Simply Install the ECU and Enjoy!

Edison@JleviSW 01-12-2007 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by CroBmw (Post 5369792)
do i have to send ECU to you or i can do it?

If you don't want to send your ECU out, you can also make a trip down to LA and have your car dyno tuned on the spot :)

Jlevi SW 01-13-2007 04:09 PM

Enter in COUPON CODE: 408a7a to redeem 5% off as an INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL!

Dan04E46 01-13-2007 05:18 PM

What's the difference between this and any other performance software upgrade? Have any more specific details?

Jlevi SW 01-13-2007 05:20 PM

This is a performance software upgrade - it's just a little bit more of a custom tune - they take your ECU, and remap it and reprogram it :)

For your 330, it provides +11RWHP and +8 Ft/LBs of Torque :)


Edison@JleviSW 01-13-2007 05:20 PM

This, as opposed to piggy back software, is much more comprehensive in that it completely remaps the ECU to improve horsepower, torque and throttle response. In addition it removes the top speed limit and raises the rev limiter.

jon323i 01-14-2007 07:16 AM

i know a big thing in other arenas at least with ECU tuning is that it will decrease your milage significantly. Do you guys have any customers/test cars with this yet and how has the gas milage of the car been affected?

Evil330 01-14-2007 08:42 AM

will it work fine on steps?

how much is the intro price for 330s?

how about overseas customers?

jss8422 01-14-2007 08:55 AM


Originally Posted by Evil330 (Post 5374819)
will it work fine on steps?

how much is the intro price for 330s?

how about overseas customers?

Can we get some dyno sheets and comparisons for steps please? Also, what is the price? Thank you.

zdet 01-14-2007 09:22 AM

very, very interested... could we get some more info on price? also, i live in jersey and you guys are in LA... would that make the whole overnight shipping thing have an ungodly price? haha

funkyman 01-14-2007 09:23 AM

F the gas mileage?Who cares.

Jlevi SW 01-14-2007 12:40 PM

I'll find out about the gas mileage thing for you guys on Tuesday when the shop is open.

I don't have dyno's, but I'll also get those when the shop is open.

As for overnighting, you can check our website for the rates.
We're offering 5% off the listed prices on our site, and then you pay shipping one way - we pay shipping the other way :)


2000_328CI 01-14-2007 12:46 PM

JL, would you suggest this over a shark injector?

Edison@JleviSW 01-14-2007 01:06 PM

Definitely, we find that Speed Innovation's method of completely remapping the ECU is much more effective and comprehensive in terms of obtaining max horsepower and torque gains.

Custom3 01-14-2007 01:12 PM

i dyno sheet of the shark vs speed innovations would be cool and could also increase your sales........

jon323i 01-14-2007 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by funkyman (Post 5374890)
F the gas mileage?Who cares.

when you take alot of road trips, it matters

derek80 01-14-2007 01:30 PM

it would be better for customers to purchase AFTER everything is answered with proof.

2000_328CI 01-14-2007 01:31 PM

regarding gas milage, typically the shark improves it as it allows the engine to work more efficiently (getting more powre and maintaining it).

I would imagine this mod would decrease horespower but only because people will be more inclined to throw down the hammer :thumbup:

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