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mcabr 05-06-2002 12:41 AM

Rims not many people have
I want to get some rims that you dont' see too much. I was thinking GT3's but then they were sold out so that means a bunch of people are getting them. WHat are some suggestions?

vincentw 05-06-2002 12:51 AM

get some Kinesis or Fikse, or if u want them for looks only, get HREs.....
and of course u can go oriental, and get some japanese rims...like blitz technospeed or advan or racing hart...

dronell19 05-06-2002 12:54 AM

Fikse FM5, I sure haven't seen one on an E46 yet...
here's a photoshop I did for my car

David328Ci 05-06-2002 01:03 AM

It really depends on how much money u are willing to spend. If you are willing to shell out a good amount of cash u can have custom make some wheels that don't normally fit on e46.

Even if you do get rare wheels, eventually people will catch on and sooner or later they'll have them too. The best anyone can do is an originator.

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