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chivo328 01-28-2007 04:07 PM

Front Turn Signal Problem, Help Please!!
I have a 2000 328ci. When I bought the car there were what I believe are after market clear fornt turn signals. The bulb out indication on the dash for the fron drivers side was coming in and out for some time and then finally went completely out. I removed the lens for replacemet and found that the bulb is chrome/bright white when lit. Since its chrome I can't tell if the bulb is actuallt burnt out. Tried to find a replacement locally with out much luck. I found some 1156 type that arent chrome bute bright white anyways. Here's the problem, when I went to install the new bulb it still doesn't work. So I pulled the bulb from the passenger side and took a look to insure I was installing the correct bulb. Now neither side works with new or the old bulbs installed. Both bulbs have a single pin on the bottom but the pins look like they are shaved or maybe melted? Am I installing the correct bulbs? From what I can find on the threads here an 1156 should be the correct install. I looked at the bottom of the 1157 bulb in the store and it has 2 pins on the bottom. I'm baffled as to wht the other would stop working although the fit seems to be a bit loose. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ddives 01-31-2007 12:04 AM

I have the exact same problem right now. My bulb looks melted and the 1157 bulbs have two connections whereas the 1156 is a single but the key doesn't align. Someone please help us out.

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sillieidiot 01-31-2007 04:22 AM

it could by that your contacts aren't good. try cleaning that. if you can, can you take a picture of what you're talking about? it's kind of hard to imagine.

there are two types of 1156. one with a 180 offset (where the key is across) and one with a 150 offset. both act the same manner, but that might fix the problem of why they don't fit perfectly.

BimmerZealot 01-31-2007 05:36 PM

No, there aren't two types of 1156 bulbs.

There are 1156 bulbs (180 degree pins) and 7507 bulbs (150 degree pins)

1157 are a whole different type of bulb (150 degree pins) but have two contact points, one is for parking lights one is for blinking. Some cars which have a different kind of socket use two contact points instead of separate wiring.

For your car you need 7506 (a.k.a 1156) bulbs. Single contact (180 degree offset) bulbs.

DropTopKingM3 02-15-2007 07:04 PM

I had the same problem on my old 325 ci.. I bought a set of clear bulbs that didnt fit for some reason. So I wanted to rigg a temporary setup (which became permanent..lol) and i took a knife sharpener and i shaved one of the little prongs on the side of the bulbs (not the bottom connecting end) but the prong on the metal housing. I put them in and they didnt work at first. But then i started turning the bulb and eventually it came on. I left it like that for 3 years and they never went out. Try turning the bulb while its int he socket. Its probably not grabbing right.

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