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CA AUTOMOTIVE UK 04-10-2007 02:50 PM

Adjustable Launch/Traction control E46 M3
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Many of you will know of the awesome Racelogic traction and launch control systems, which allow you to dial in how much the rear wheels slide when powering hard though a bend, from 0 to 30 %, using an in car adjuster module.

The system also allows you to do a perfect standing start launch each and every time..you apply and maintain full throttle then side step the clutch while the racelogic system modulates the revs and wheel spin so you have maximum traction at all times...with the throttle pinned to the floor throughout....

What you may not know is that it has not been possible to fit this system to many cars built after 2001, including all BMW models, for two reasons :
1.the car's DME would read the traction system cutting in as a fault and go into limp mode
2. Later cars fitted with can- bus signal abs sensors could not be made to communicate with the waveform or hall effect pickups of the Racelogic ECU
....until now !
We have been working closely with Racelogic over the last 3 months to find a way around these issues, which we have now done. CA managed to find a way to reprogramme the DME so as not to interfere, and Racelogic modified the very latest traction ECU ( exclusive to the latest U.S.Mustang cars) to handle the BMW can bus signals.
Obviously the BMW DSC system is switched off when using the Racelogic.

Today we finished fine tuning the system, and it works a treat !
Attached are images and videos of the skid marks left on the road by our M3's tyres after do standing starts both with Racelogic launch control ( on the right of the road ), and without ( on the left).

You can clearly see on the right the much shorter and segmented "skids" as the Racelogic modulated power every 1/100 of a second as it sensed wheel slip, to give as perfect a launch as physically possible, thus cutting down 0 - 60 and 1/4 mile times. We reckon this system knocks about 2/10 ths sec off the cars 0- 60....

In a few days we will post up videos of the bannana doing power slides around the track both with racelogic traction control on and off, where again you will see how more controlled and "safe" the car behaves with the system activated at different percentage settings.

These systems are now available for retail, exclusively from CA Automotive, for all manual and auto models ( please note of course that autos will not be able to use launch control).

Cost is 1040 plus about 270 installation, depending on model and options. This includes data logging and digital in cabin controller.
Our sincere thanks to Mike at Racelogic for his awesome support and help with all this.

First two are WITH Racelogic on ( no tyre smoke) , the other two WITHOUT ( plenty tyre smoke)





BMWPower06 04-10-2007 02:59 PM

:drool: wow thats some sick technology

BMWPower06 04-10-2007 02:59 PM

:drool: wow thats some sick technology

johnhk79 04-10-2007 11:56 PM

wow this is pretty cool

jlcool007 04-12-2007 07:16 PM

will it work for a 330ci...2001?

is this system more like MDM, but without the brake's application?

CA AUTOMOTIVE UK 04-13-2007 07:14 AM

yes, will work on all e46 cars:)

similar to MDM but mor esophisticated and adjustable. does not act on the brakes though

thank you

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