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deepest green 05-19-2007 12:44 AM

HELP! installing HIDs on P46
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I recently recieved replacement hid bulbs from JLEVISW

But the problem is that it did not come with any bulb covers or so.
this meaning there's nothing to lock the bulbs in place and it will let water come in.
I have pictures to explain what i'm trying to say.

you can see the black harness. that was from the old one. where i took the bulb out.

now the new one i got picture above does not have anything similar like it.

please help out:tsk:

sillieidiot 05-19-2007 01:34 AM

you mean that black rubber stop thing? just cut it out of your old one and put it on the new one.

BimmerZealot 05-19-2007 02:36 AM

Um well the black circular ring in the bottom left of the first picture is a locking ring for D2S/D2R/D2C HID bulbs. The second picture is an H7 adapter cable that plugs into a standard D2S/D2R/D2C HID bulb and lets you plug the other end into the ballast. The last picture looks like a comparison of two kinds of H7 bulbs? I dont quite understand what you're missing. The three pictures kind of contradict eachother

deepest green 05-19-2007 03:45 AM

ummm well im a mechanical noob. So aren't familiar with these things ay.
The thing is. How do i install the bulbs.

I mean what i did was using the two bulbs and harness from the first picture. i would plug it to the hid ballast.( that lit the bulbs up) but then how about when fitting the hid bulb into the projector.

There is nothing to lock it with. no cover etc
The 2nd picture is the original that came with the p46. i took the bulb out to send it back because it was burnt out.

and the third picture. I think theyre the wrong sizes? because its not idential

deepest green 05-19-2007 04:00 AM

or can someone just school me on how to install the replacement bulbs.


sillieidiot 05-21-2007 12:40 PM

i think they may be the wrong bulbs. in the last pic, the one on the left looks like a d2s and the one of the right looks like a rebased h7

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