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MESH_KING 11-09-2007 01:12 AM

***The Official MONSTER Sale Thread***
Alright Fellas it's back, this time bigger than ever. Yes the time has come for me to create more damn space in my closet, I'm relisting stuff due to my server crashing and added a shiet ton of more stuff. This will probably be the last one with little stuff being added here and there and everything needs to go. Also, this time all prices include shipping usps in the continental US and yes the damn post office has increased their rates so keep that in mind all you fukkin lowballers. I rated the condition of the stuff with 10 being brand new never worn. Local pickup possible in SoCal but autographs will cost $$$.
All shoes will fit a 10.5 to slim size 11.

John Varvatos navy suede slip on chucks, brand new 80 shipped. Condition 10

Gucci camel suede loafers (these are so gangsta) complete with indigo stains (from raw denim) for 180 shipped (360 new). Condition 8 (slight discolor on back of right one from driving should be able to clean with suede eraser but I'm lazy).

Dolce and Gabbana black cap toe lace-ups, showing the wear, 150 shipped (420 new). Condition 7

Optical chucks with aftermarket navy lace mod, 25 shipped. Condition 8.5

Adidas Orion all black, 40 shipped. Condition 9

Vans bundle with grey suede, navy suede and black suede all 3 pairs for 65 shipped. Condition 7.

Black chucks with black lace mod, 25 shipped. Condition 8.5

Commes des garcons faux calf hair houndstooth wallet (real og's know cdg) with zip brand new 120 shipped. Condition 10

Barney's Co-op brown suede boots complete with original wear marks, 120 shipped. Condition 7.5

NDC beige suede brogued hand-made wingtips (I love these but don't wear them). The distressing is stock and if you know NDC you know what's up. These are goodyear welted and about 5 pounds each, 220 shipped (420 new). Condition 8.5

Ted Baker gray speckled 2 button wool blazer size 5 or about 42" chest for 220 shipped (420 new). Condition 9-9.5 (only worn a few times).

Ted Baker Endurance navy pinstripe 2 button blazer size 5 or 42" chest for 220 shipped (420ish new also). The perfect go to blazer that matches with everything. Condition 9 (worn handful of times)

Banana Republic navy wool pinstripe pants size 34x32 (no relation to above blazer). Price is 50 shipped. Condition 8.5

MESH_KING 11-09-2007 01:13 AM

Banana Republic taupe colored crepe slacks. These are a heavy weight and drape beautifully, size 34x32 for 60 shipped. Condition 8.

Banana Republic brown herringbone wool pants, 34x32. These pants are amazing but I don't get any use out of them. A nice heavy trouser, 60 shipped. Check out the detail shot. Condition 9

Sony DVD player brand new 50 bux local pickup only. Condition 10

APC rescue raw indigo jean, size 33 but fits like 36x36. Asking 90 shipped, hardly worn. Condition 9

Somet white selvage jean from japan with rope colored stitch and gold plated hardware, fits like 32-33 *SLIM*. These are the **** but shrank too much for me so I'm getting another pair in a size bigger. Asking 140 (275 new). Condition 8 (washed once)

Nespresso D300 capuccino machine, brand new for 350 local pickup only. Never been taken out of the box and retails for 399+. Condition 10

Banana Republic camel colored pinstripe velvet blazer NEW with tags size 44R. If this fit I would keep it, 220 shipped (325 originally). Condition 10

Chucks navy distressed size 9.5 fits 10.5 though, 30 shipped. Condition 9

Probably my favorite, just paid $120 for this wings and horns double T (under T is long sleeve and top Tee is 3/4 sleeve) and you CAN wear them together or separate not like other cheap Ts that are sewn together. The quality of the cotton on this is ridiculous and the black won't fade like cheap ass shirts. Fits slim, it's size L but won't fit me. Fits mediums and skinny larges and price is 80 shipped for these 2 tees in one. Tight wrinkle mod bc I didn't fold it right when I stored it.

Banana republic CASHMERE thin turtleneck size L worn twice. Frost color is just gangsta, like white with a slight grayish tone. Price 70 shipped. Condition 9.5

Morphine Generation thermal size L. Fits like a thermal and is the softest cotton I've ever touched no joke. Silver foil morphine logo, worn twice and washed gentle in woolite, 90 shipped. Condition 9.5

MESH_KING 11-09-2007 01:13 AM

Morphine generation brown T with gold foil logo, this is an $84 shirt that fits amazing. Runs small, this is an xl that fits a L perfectly. Price is 45 shipped. Condition 10

Oh man, medium thick CASHMERE turtle neck size Medium (fits slightly big) azure color turtleneck. Work 2-3 times, the dopeness. Girls will touch you all night, guys with no game take note. Price is 70 shipped. Condition 8.5

Banana Republic merino vest size L, 25 shipped yall. Condition 9

Am I going to have to show you guys how to pimp this? Trust me it's real ill I swear sometimes I gotta spoon feed you guys. Uppercut thin denim (almost linen) like jacket with silver lining (literally). Fits like a Large, paid 250 for this asking 90 ridiculous dollars shipped. Crazy loose threads and wood buttons, not for the weak at heart. I love this thing but I gotta sell. Condition 8.5

Banana Republic chocolate heather CASHMERE turtleneck brand new size L, picked it up for the color and softness, medium thickness, 75 shipped (2 something new). Condition 10.

Banana Republic fukkin CASHMERE charcoal thin turtleneck size L, 60 shipped. Condition 9

Why do I still have this? Somebody please let it keep you warm all night, 70 shipped. Condition 8

Banana republic (damn I got a lot of this shiet) charcoal merino wool sweater, 30 shipped. Condition 9

PDC (made in USA good shiet) bmx full leg jeans with a touch of lycra. Size 34 brand new, real dope. I got too many jeans. I need 100 for these guys. The PDCs you see now are all made in mexico garbage. Condition 10

Fred Perry made in Portugal Brown QUILTED argyle track jacket, brand new I never got around to wearing it. Price is 100, you will never see anyone else with this. Ever. Size L. Condition 10

Can you pull these off? I can, with dark or light jeans. Fits slim, no wide feet. Fits 10-10.5. Calvin Klein Collection (their highest line) red calfskin loafers, come with shoe dust bag. I got too many shoes. New were about 250-300, I'll take 70 bucks for ck's best line. Made in Italy. Condition 7.5

All white Stans, hard to come by. They usually have a little navy or green, these are all white. Price is 50 bux, brand spankin new. Condition 10

Sergio Rossi denim and dove grey leather loafer with wood heel and leather forefoot heel. These were almost $500, yes $500. The blue stains are indigo, I prefer them like that but you can clean them off if you want. Only 200 shipped, they come with the dust bag. Made in Italy of course by some old dude. Condition 8

MESH_KING 11-09-2007 01:14 AM

Denim gurus, Pure Blue Japan xx-005 slubby ass selvage jeans up size 36x37 SHRINK TO FIT. They will end up at 36x34 when washed. These speak for themselves, pbj are known for their deep rich indigo color. Thick 14.5 japanese selvage, anybody who knows denim knows these, 220 shipped. Condition 10.

Martin Margiela green broken striped T, size M. Asking 40 shipped (originally 120). Condition 8.

Monarchy (don't know why this is still in my closet along with below shirts) dual layer washed black silver foil shirt size L, 30 shipped. Condition 9.

Drifter lilac (light lavender, pic makes it look slightly pinkish for some reason) T, 20 shipped. Fits like a Large. Condition 8.

Affliction olive colored tea stained (I have to admit the color is real sick, came out more green than it really is) shirt with gold foil, 30 shipped. Fits like a Large. Condition 9.

Morphine Generation washed black with copper foil T, 30 shipped. Fits like Large. Condition 8.5.

Splendid Mills SUPER soft cotton thermal size Large but fits like a thermal, grey with blue stitch for 30 shipped (originally 85). Condition 7.5

Burberry black polo size L, 25 shipped. Kind of faded but hell. Condition 6

Navy lacoste polo size L (runs small), 25 shipped. Faded also but better than buying fake ones. Condition 6

J Lindberg lime green suede belt, beautiful condition. Made in Italy, size 36 for 34 pants. Price 35 shipped. Condition 8

Custom grey hoodie with navy layer inside, nice and thick with a V neck front. Pretty damn thick but fits 42" chest wonderfully and it's warm, 40 shipped. Condition 8

Psst! For all you Burberry *****s out there, a grey lambswool zip-up, ultra toasty for when you don't want to wear something heavy on those cold nights. Size Large and made in England, this was originally 320, let me have 120 shipped and it's yours. Condition 8.5

MESH_KING 11-09-2007 01:14 AM

D&G 110 bux brand new. I'll throw in a d&g white garment cover as well. I'd keep this if it fit me, size 50 so it fits mediums and skinny Larges. Condition 10

Banana republic lightweight casual button up size L, with light pink stripes worn 2x and washed. The picture is so terrible I'll take 20 shipped. Condition 9

Dolce and Gabbana brown cap toe lace-ups, made in Italy fits 10.5. Brand spankin new, asking 230 for these (they cost $400 new). Comes with shoe dust bag as well. Condition 10

That's it players.

47Ronin 11-09-2007 02:09 AM

navy lacost is black?

"Why do I still have this? Somebody please let it keep you warm all night, 70 shipped. Condition 8"

what size is it?

ill take that and the polo

johndoesdamage 11-09-2007 02:49 AM

ill take the affliction shirt send me paypal

djkurupt 11-09-2007 03:19 PM

does the burberry zip-up wear large? meanin...is it an actual large or is it more like a regular medium... you know how all companies sizing is different

MESH_KING 11-09-2007 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by 47Ronin (Post 6879671)
navy lacost is black?

"Why do I still have this? Somebody please let it keep you warm all night, 70 shipped. Condition 8"

what size is it?

ill take that and the polo

Haven't heard from you even though you were online player what the deal.


Originally Posted by johndoesdamage (Post 6879779)
ill take the affliction shirt send me paypal

Thanks John received.


Originally Posted by djkurupt (Post 6882033)
does the burberry zip-up wear large? meanin...is it an actual large or is it more like a regular medium... you know how all companies sizing is different

It is a size L and fits on the roomy side djk. It's real nice.

Chase265 11-09-2007 06:03 PM

thats alot of sh!t for sale...

hp99hp 11-09-2007 06:28 PM

yooo pimp ass kicks and threads! I'd pick some up if it were my size =)

bump for an OG homie!

MESH_KING 11-09-2007 08:36 PM

Thanks Jeff you shoulda came out to the oc meet last week bro. Just like the good ol days but when I get my gt3 I'll be too cool for you guys :lmao:

FIXEDupW203 11-09-2007 08:59 PM

No joke I have half of those items...good luck on the sale bro

markf 11-09-2007 09:47 PM

yo mesh. hows the fit on the margiela shirt? that custom hoodie looks pretty nice...hows the fit on that one?

MESH_KING 11-09-2007 10:24 PM

Thanks w2.


Originally Posted by markf (Post 6883830)
yo mesh. hows the fit on the margiela shirt? that custom hoodie looks pretty nice...hows the fit on that one?

Mark it's perfect it you're a 38 in the chest. The hoodie is too big for you, it's real soft too but I have too many as you can see hahaa. One of these days I'll post all the **** in my closet.

aj526@bluepoint2go 11-09-2007 10:27 PM

if somebody buys my random crap i have for ssale ill pick up the custom hoodie and "why do i still have this" both look mad comfy

L IS FOR LUSH 11-10-2007 12:29 AM

:rofl: @ "mods"

hp99hp 11-10-2007 05:51 AM


Originally Posted by MESH_KING (Post 6883574)
Thanks Jeff you shoulda came out to the oc meet last week bro. Just like the good ol days but when I get my gt3 I'll be too cool for you guys :lmao:

haha I would have homie but my car is back in TX for good now bro. I'm in the process of relocating back to TX.

MESH_KING 11-10-2007 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by aj526@bluepoint2go (Post 6883956)
if somebody buys my random crap i have for ssale ill pick up the custom hoodie and "why do i still have this" both look mad comfy

NP aj.


Originally Posted by L IS FOR LUSH (Post 6884377)
:rofl: @ "mods"



Originally Posted by hp99hp (Post 6884990)
haha I would have homie but my car is back in TX for good now bro. I'm in the process of relocating back to TX.

Aww fukk man, if I'm ever in texas I'll look you up. I doubt I ever will be though hahaa. Stay up j.

guest131 11-10-2007 04:45 PM

free bump for my iranian bro. You have a different style that I do :P

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