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rudeboy13 11-28-2007 03:47 PM

Dash pinouts for HU/phone/steering/phone
Forgive my noob stupidity if this is already posted :tsk: I've had a good hunt and best I've found is Tharaka's post http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=355350 including pics of the 17 pin Head Unit connection. Great post Tharaka - nicely labelled.

I'm about to install my Alpine CDA-3855R in favour of the stock business CD (2004 Coupe). I've worked out that this will all but kill the bluetooth ULF, but I'll have to live with that for now. Need for the Alpine is the amp & speaker install to follow. Tharaka's pinout guide shows pins 4 & 10 unpopulated - mine has all pins connected, most have a clear function, but pins 4,7,10 & 16 are still a mystery??

16, I believe is the BMW remote amp switch; and 10 appears to be switched 12v for unknown purpose. Can anyone confirm what these 4 pins do?

ALSO: The 10 pin square plug mounted below the 17 pin radio interface has as far as I can tell, 5 pins connected. I have to assume this provides a link for the CD changer, Bluetooth, and steering wheel controls. A fair bit, for 5 channels of information, but no sign of any other means of communication :hmm:

Does anyone have definitive information on what this does? I'm not worried about the CD changer link, I have an Apline 6-disc to go with the 3855, and will install it with the Alpine (Ai-net?) cable. It's the steering and the bluetooth I'm interested in. I'm looking at either the Alpine 200BT (thanks Technic) or a Bluetooth Garmin, be great to get either of these to use the SW controls :)

Last, but not least: Routing. Which side for signal path? I must assume there's a main power cable running from battery to alternator at least. Does the main loom share this route? I need a nice free run for several signal cables and of course front speakers. Any help MUCH appreciated...

rudeboy13 11-30-2007 02:40 PM

Well I hope my long post hasn't frightened everyone off..
I've got the pinouts for the 17 pin plug ok:

1. Front Left Speaker Positive
2. Front Right Speaker Positive
3. Rear Left Speaker Positive
6. Rear Right Speaker Positive
8. Front Left Speaker Negative
11. Front Right Speaker Negative
12. Rear Left Speaker Negative
14. Rear Right Speaker Negative
17. Not used

Thanks to Dee at Autoleads for that :) Still unsure about pin 10? Any offers?

What about this 10-way then? Is it just the CD Changer link?

SURELY someone must know which side the power runs? I want to fit 3 rca signal cables, the CD changer and new front speakers from the amp : easy really - left right or middle?

Ta. Rudy

haibane 11-30-2007 03:54 PM

Rudy the majority of us are in the US it seems and so we all have factory amps.

rudeboy13 12-01-2007 05:11 AM

Cheers haibane, for the info anyway. I had noticed alot of you guys have factory amps and HK systems - unfortunately the penny didn't drop.

This prob means your looms are distinctly different too. I thought I'd try an easy test and disconnect the 10 pin plug for the CD. No such luck, the CD is still detected and appears to play discs - just no sound. I've also lost audio from the phone kit.

This is good, I think, beacause at least I know this part of the loom does something. I'll have to open up the back and check the changer.

Bjorn8781 05-07-2009 05:51 AM

I need a subwoofer loom pinout diagram.... help

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