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hot_ray 05-10-2002 12:52 PM

325i step shifts faster than 330ci step
Ok...I don't think I'm paranoid and I usually don't post but I think this is something worth mentioning.

I got a loaner 325i auto with sport pkg. Compared to my 330ci, the steptronic shifted immediately w/o lag as compared to my 330Ci. I had previously lost enthusiam from driving the lagging steptronic on my 330ci, but this new quick shifting on the 325 has renewed it.

One reason I can think of for this is that my 330ci is an early production (door handles pulls sideways instead of at an angle). I haven't tried the current 330s yet, but maybe BMW has changed the software for the steptronic.

Some of the other things I noticed were:
-Handling of the 325i compared to 330ci was definitely better (stock vs. stock). The 325i felt lighter when driven.
-Engine wise, the 330 is still the winner.
-The 325i was very quiet unlike the 330. It does not have the roar from the 330 exhaust.

obLu 05-10-2002 01:01 PM

It's cause the loaner is WHIPPED.
Remember, transmission and engine have adaptive software. If you run it full tilt all the time it'll shift thinking you want full tilt all the time. My 99 328i auto used to be the same way. If I didn't drive it hard consistently it'd start shifting slow. Then I'd kick it around and it'd be back to good.

Experienced the same thing when I got a 330ci 5spd loaner. WTF?!? Shifter is nice and smooth, no notchiness into 2nd or 3rd, clutch is super easy and light. But it was pretty evident the thing had been *beat* eventhough it only had 7k on it. Everything was nice and loose because it'd been used a lot harder than I'd ever use mine.

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