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CJtech323 10-21-2008 06:06 PM

E46 323i suspension problem, please look!
I have been having vibrations coming from my front end lately, and I think I have found the problem. I was cleaning my engine and looked at the front left strut tower and noticed this:


This is a closeup of one nut, but they all look like this

Could this be a cause in the vibration? I have had the control arm bushings replaced, the front right strut tower was leaking so whatever part that was leaking (not sure) was replaced :thumbsup: and just recently had wheels balanced and realigned.

I also have some bad jerking when im on the brakes, which I though was a rotor that was warped, but this might be the cause of the problem becuase the vibration while driving is in time with the jerking while braking. And the vibration is constant at whatever speed im at.

Here is a pic of the Right strut tower for reference:

jpr 10-21-2008 07:35 PM

What you are looking at is the camber adjustment. Either it was intentionally set like that as part of your last alignment, or you took an impact to the front right which has caused it to shift.

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