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tnhness 01-19-2009 10:50 AM

here's one for ya! different factory tailight clusters?? one light way brighter
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so i'm new to bmw's and this wagon i have. i know there's plenty of thoughtful engineering, but this is strange to me.
i noticed my driver side taillight/parklight (the low-glowing red one that comes on w/ either headlamp selection) is WAY brighter than the passenger side. it looks like a full-on break lamp, while the pass. is a reasonable illumination.
so i go to replace all the lamps back there, and find that the sockets/contacts are different side to side. and not only those, but the turn signal ones too. only the brake lights use the same bulb.
i know that there is a one-side euro foglight on some imports, but read that those are in the tailgate inner lenses on bimmers, and mine are empty.
you can see that the pass side utilizes a dual filament bulb, but only one contact is in the socket, while the driver side uses a single filament w/ center contact. and they're clocked differently.i called out the numbering on the clusters as well as the orientation of each bulb.
maybe somehow my car got one u.s. spec and one uero spec cluster from the factory?
I'd like to use the correct bulbs, but i hate having one brighter than the other.
what do you think? thanks!

amullo 01-19-2009 01:01 PM

What bulbs where in there?
Iīm guessing 21w BA15s or BAY15d right?


2001bmw330 01-19-2009 07:16 PM

hey man look at the wires that go into the connector at the back of them and look at the brown wire which is the ground if its melted or has corrosion on it it will cause the lights to be dimmer

UncleDon 02-20-2009 10:29 AM

The parts you have pictured are called bulb carriers.

BMW made a change to this part in 03/2003.
The correct one is for your car on the right, Part# 63218 368 762
You just need to get the correct one for the left side. Part# 63218 368 761
Should cost about $11 plus the cost of the correct bulbs.


The one you have pictured on the left is for 03/2003 and later.

Also the one the right has been bent a little on the '8' in the part number.
BMW makes that cut-out a little different so that U.S. bulb carriers fit only amber taillights and Euro carriers fit only clears.


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