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2K2E46 01-31-2009 05:18 PM

OEM xeons headlight bulbs vs. aftermarket
well..one of my xeon bulb went out. I can either buy another stock 4300k OEM bulb OR get a pair of 6000k aftermarkets.

Do the aftermarkets not last as long?

And of the aftermarket ones out there...which brand would you recommend.

Im more concerned with the quality rather than the intesity of the light output, hence i would not mind sticking with the stock OEM. however if the aftermarket ones are just as good...i think i will make the switch to 6000k.

thanks in advance everyone!!

BartenderPlease 01-31-2009 05:24 PM

I'd get the 600K aftermarkets, mainly because you are getting two new bulbs at the exact same time. There are good quality ones too, I think Phillips is one of the better. If you don't want it too blue/white but whiter than stock, you can always go 5000K.


2K2E46 01-31-2009 08:05 PM

what bout the aftermarket ds2s that the vendors sell here? anyone have any problems with them?

Rickna 02-02-2009 05:27 AM

I picked up a pair of 6000K's from JleviSW. I'm impressed with the difference over the stock 4300K's. They've been in for about a month, with no problems.

azzy989 02-02-2009 07:23 AM

i picked up a set of 6000k d2s bulb from umnitza about a year back. they're great

sillieidiot 02-02-2009 02:46 PM

the aftermarket one don't really last that long. and output is so-so. nothing great. give mike@f1 autohaus a PM regarding his GE 6000k bulbs. great output and from quality manufacturer. i have it on my car and it looks great.

2K2E46 02-02-2009 10:36 PM

thanks for the feedback..anyone have any experience from the gp thunder brand that modbargain sells..they appear to be a lot cheaper in price.

2K2E46 02-02-2009 11:01 PM

And after doing some online research, im questioning whether... the 6000k bulbs white? or are the 4300k white? thanks!

sillieidiot 02-03-2009 02:55 AM

you get what you pay for in price. there's a lot of cheap bulbs, you can get it from ddm or khoalty for like 40 bucks.

6000k is white with a hint of blue/purple
4300k is white with yellow tinge. that is what OEM uses.

2K2E46 02-03-2009 01:53 PM

thanks sillie..i think i will pay more for a set with better quality.

ModBargains 02-04-2009 12:32 PM

Our GP Thunder HID replacement bulbs have outstanding quality and will last at least twice as long as a standard halogen bulb. We have them available in 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, and 12000K. Let me know if I can help you out with a set!

GP Thunder HID Replacement HID Bulbs

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