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BMW320Cd M 02-17-2009 08:05 AM

Bulb application help needed

I would like to install Umnitza Predator Ion LED turn signal bulbs in my European 2004 facelift coupe. Could someone help me on which bulb application to get?

Here is the link:)


umnitza 02-17-2009 09:28 AM


BMW320Cd M 02-18-2009 02:21 PM

Since I am planning on buying these bulbs for several people and because they are not really cheap, I would really like to know what this link is talking about? Especially because the 7506/7507 numbers are also mentioned in the possible bulb application on the Umnitza website.

It's from this website: http://www.sylvania.com/ConsumerProd...lacementGuide/


2004 BMW 325Ci, 330Ci (With HID (high intensity discharge) headlamps)

High & low beam headlamp

Parking light
2825LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp

Front turn signal
7507AST Silverstar Signal Lighting: Complete the Look: Crisp, Clean, Style
7507LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp
7506LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp

Could someone please give me more info than just a number? I want to know where I can find all the necessary info about bulbs, fitting number,...

Kind regards,

Edison@JleviSW 02-18-2009 03:40 PM

The 2004-2006 Facelift Coupes and Convertibles use a 7440 front turn signal bulb.

All other E46s (including M3s) will use either an 1156 or 7507 front bulb, 194 sidemarker bulb and either an 1156 or 7507 rear turn signal bulb if the car does not have LED tails. To determine whether whether the car takes an 1156 or 7507 bulb, take out the factory bulb and look at the metal pin offset at the base of the bulb. If they are offset 150 degrees- 7507, 180 degrees- 1156.

BMW320Cd M 02-18-2009 04:10 PM

Now there's an explanation:bow:

Thank you very much:)

umnitza 02-18-2009 05:25 PM

It's all related to the cars, which cars? Do you have any Compacts that you are purchasing for? Any non-E46s.

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