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acpstunts 03-08-2009 07:51 PM

What are my options for air suspension?
I have a e46 330. And i havent seen or heard to much about people running air suspension on there bmws. What are my options as far as this goes?

NightWolfe 03-08-2009 08:22 PM

pretty much going to have to piece a kit together .. bag over strut in the front, and just bags in the back .. probably going to have to get some coilovers so you can go really low

acpstunts 03-09-2009 11:07 AM

Well ive been searching and havent found too much. I did come across some kit on ebay. And i know ebay stuff is usually not good, but has anyone heard of this setup:http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/D2-RA...#ht_779wt_1007

NightWolfe 03-09-2009 06:41 PM

http://www.airkewld.com/pages/welcome.php - Pretty much all old school VW stuff, but will give you an idea on "kits"

http://bagyardairride.com/ - Quality bags

http://www.easystreetair.com/ - Quality management

I'd steer clear of eBay stuff when looking for this .. you may be able to find some deals, but make sure it's name brand stuff

Rezist09 09-15-2012 09:22 PM


Bart Taylor 09-15-2012 09:26 PM

Have you tried calling bag riders or another retailer?

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