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tardhat 05-16-2009 08:04 PM

Rear channels won't kick in with aftermark amp hooked in
I have an '01 330i with the HK system.
Trying to move my sub/amp out of my old Golf to to the 330i. I have speaker level input on the amp on the wiring harness for that input.

Everything works fine if you plug the speaker level input wiring harness into the amp *after* the stereo is initialized, but if the amp is plugged into the speakers before that, the rear channels refuse to initialize until the amp is removed. Currently the vampire splices are set in just before they hit the 6"x9"s (on left and right).

I figure it's some kind of load/impedence detection circuit in the HK amp seeing something isn't EXACTLY what it was expecting so it just says "no go away i'm not playing with you today" but I'm wondering if anyone can confirm this and if so will this setup work on the wiring before the amp? I don't know how strong of a signal is going through the wires before the HK amp, and before I go splicing into new wires I'd like a little peace of mind that it'll work.

I really don't want to go through the line-out converter method as I have a major aversion to introducing any more noise into the circuit if I don't absolutely have to.

to reiterate
If you short the remote turn on, the amp will turn on but there is still no signal to the amp, or even to the 6"x9"s in the rear deck until the wiring harness is seperated from the amp powering the subs. There is just no signal being delivered to those channels until the amp is removed from the picture entirely and then the rear channels kick back in, and then you can plug the amp back in and then you have boom (until you start the stereo back up again). Amp wiring is fine, (as far my friend and I can tell) this is entirely up to the HK amp to initiate the signal, once the signal is given everything is fine.

ca1242 05-18-2009 12:19 PM

You tapped in the wrong place for signal. You need to tap into the head unit's outputs (yellow/black, blue/black, both with brown/orange grounds). If the amplifier can not take the oem head unit's balanced-differential signal (most can't), you might need to get an adaptor (i.e. peripheral sven2).

tardhat 05-20-2009 01:54 AM

Well it's old, but it'll take speaker level inputs. It has a little square four pin harness that looks like the 12v rail on a motherboard. It's an MTX Thunder 4250d.

Tap that before it hits the first amp in the back then? Was trying to avoid adding one of those adapters and wiring the remote turn-on but if I have to I have to, I guess. :\

ca1242 05-20-2009 07:00 AM

Get an adapter and do it right!

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