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rebmo 08-01-2009 11:52 AM

Current Bluetooth compatible Cell PHones
I am looking at installing BMW OEM bluetooth from one of the 2 providers out there (althoug I'm not too impressed with information the suppliers provide for specitic model installs and phone compatibility) and can't find a useable list of compatible phones. The lists that exist are not up to date with the latest phones listed from vintage 07 and they are discontinued. I am looking for a phone that is currently availble and compatible with a 06 330Cic that has bluetooth, camera, caledar and that's it. Anyone have any suggestions?


BmwAudio32 08-01-2009 12:04 PM

Its pretty rare that most newer bluetooth phones WON"T work with the e46. However, I can tell you i've got the Pantech Slate from AT&T, and it works perfectly with my OEM e46 bluetooth. It has bluetooth, camera, and calender, + keyboard for fast texting. I highly recommend it.

n_sievers 08-02-2009 09:05 AM

It depends upon your service provider. I have Verizon and in looking for a new phone back in March, I found it nearly impossible to get either the dealer or Verizon to give any input. I finally got Verizon customer service to note my account and arrange for a store manager to spend the time with me one-on-one to test any and all phones in the store for compatibility. I tested absolutely every phone in their stock and found only BlackBerries and the Samsung Omnia to be fully compatible with my Bluetooth ie: consistent stable connection, flawless pairing and phonebook transfer. I actually found one of the service reps (extremely rare) that was VERY helpful and explained the Verizon cripples Bluetooth in their phones to limit file sharing and very few of the phones that they carry will actually allow a stable connection when pairing with BMWs. Hope this helps. I have a BB Storm and it pairs flawlessly every time.

dogman36 01-07-2013 04:07 PM

I installed a parrot bluetooth in my 2004 325i several months ago and it always worked perfectly but recently i bought a samsung galaxy siii and it paired first try but doesn't work,phone says "paired but not connected" does anyone have any suggestions?

jayb328i 09-06-2013 07:40 PM

Parrot has comments on just this issue : paired but not connected. For the newer phones (smart phones?) you need to clear memory first. The Parrot will announce---memory erasing in progress. If you have the red/green buttons, as I do, hold both at same time. Or on the dials it will instruction on how to delete memory. OR a combination of tech Volume keys--Vol followed by VOL +5 times (-+-+-+-+-+). I did not have to do the last one.
Based on extensive research on the internet, and talking to Parrot I knew I was in for a challenge trying to connect my new Android (Razr M Motorola), and that my best bet was to instruction the Parrot Unit to connect it Synchronized. Parrot does not support Android pairing, but users were able to pair successfully. But first I send unit back to Parrot for update (free) to version 5.xx. It will not pair with older versions. After a few attempts with updated version, in paired. Phone retains contact list and announces who the call is from--but that appears to be the best one can do fro an Android---and is satisfactory. Iphones are easy to pair the research shows and Parrot admits.

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