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be-doubleyou 10-26-2009 03:27 AM

B&G S2 Spring Review
This thread is a review of my B&G S2 lowering srings after having them installed for 3K miles.

I bought the springs from Mike Migs at Migs Motorsports. He is the best source for these springs and can provide you with the best/most direct customer service because he is a co-owner of B&G suspension. The springs can be found by clicking the link below.


B&G S2 Springs
OEM sport shocks

Suspension Goals
- Achieve a moderate drop
- Improve handling and performance
- Retain a good overall ride quality
After some research i found these to be my personal best option so i happily purchased a set.

Ride Height
I am very pleased with the ride height of these springs. They are low enough to provide a moderately aggressive drop (for springs) while still being high enough to avoid scraping issues. The springs seem to lower the car slightly more than advertised which i am very happy with. (The pictures below show the car after having the springs settle for 2 days, yet the springs have settled more over time and the car sits about 1/2" lower than in the pictures.) I am running 19x9.5 et45 rears w/ 265/30/19 FK-452's and have not experienced any rubbing. I have not had to roll my fenders either with this wheel/drop combo.

The car is much firmer planted when cornering and is much firmer planted than OEM sport suspension. The car rides much flatter through turns and has significantly less body roll/lean which was reduced by about 25%. The car is much more responsive when turning and handled very well while doing some spirited canyon driving. This was a huge improvement over the OEM sport suspension.

Ride Quality
The ride quality is very smooth for an aftermarket spring and in my personal opinion rides much better than the OEM suspension. The car rides smoother at all speeds while remaining responsive while turning. The ride is not bouncy at all. Ride quality was one of my biggest concerns and I am VERY pleased with the ride quality. It is more comfortable yet sportier. This car is a daily driver and these springs are very suitable for those who DD their cars.

Overall Opinion
I am very happy with these springs and would highly recomend them to anyone. I do not have any complaints with them at all. I actually like them much more than the H&R springs i had on my last vehicle. They are a great option for anyone who daily drives their car or someone who wants a sportier yet comfortable suspension. I would imagine that they would be even better if paired with an aftermarket shock.

These are some pics of the car 2 days after installing the springs. The car has settled about 1/2" all around since these pictures. I will post a picture of the car fully settled on stock 17's tomorrow for an example of how they would look on stock wheels. Here are pics of them on 19's.

Hope this is helpful for anyone interested in these springs or a comfortable yet sporty spring. Feel free to ask any questions and ill be happy to provide my input.

Snik 10-26-2009 03:37 AM

Any before shots?
Or close ups of the fender gap, or what's left of it?

be-doubleyou 10-26-2009 04:27 AM


Originally Posted by snikwad (Post 10812727)
Any before shots?
Or close ups of the fender gap, or what's left of it?

Yea i'll get on it tomorrow. I just didn't have any good shots of before the springs on this computer.

MrHargs23 10-26-2009 05:33 AM

that whip looks balled out... CLEAN!

Snik 10-26-2009 05:40 AM


Originally Posted by MrHargs23 (Post 10812835)
that whip looks balled out... CLEAN!

word, needs some M3 mirrors tho

clean.dc5.fth 02-16-2011 05:41 PM

do stock shocks last long with this setup?

be-doubleyou 02-18-2011 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by clean.dc5.fth (Post 12817887)
do stock shocks last long with this setup?

I used them for 10-15K miles on my stock shocks without any problems, but was offered a great deal on coilovers so i ended up removing them for B&G RS2 coils. My stock shocks held up very well for those 10-15K miles, and were removed at 90K for the coilovers, if that helps at all.

I sold the springs to another forum member that has had them for the past year or so, in which he has been using them with stock shocks and no problems so far. I would imagine that he has driven 10-20K miles on the setup so far.

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