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RockerGuy 10-26-2009 11:50 PM

Brake Bleeding and Brake line replacing Tips
So I finished replacing my SS lines last weekend. It kind of took me longer than usual cuz I could not get the nuts to break loose. I can count on this forum for great DIYs and I am happy for that. I have learnt a few tips while completing this task and I thought if someone were to search a brake DIY they should get some useful info from this thread. If anybody has any tips they discovered they can post it on this thread too.

1. I read a lot of DIYs but never found anyone mentioning about gravity bleeding. What I did was basically just un-screwing the bleed nut completely and just letting the fluid drip out. Since the reservoir is higher than the bleed nut, the fluid will leak out there with no risk of introducing bubbles into your system. Just keep the reservoir topped up though. This gave me a chance to do other things like rustproofing the car since I have it all jacked up. You can speed up the process by opening up more than one bleed screw.

2. Slighly depress the brake while swapping the OEM hose with the SS lines. This will prevent the fluid from leaking all over the place and risk having air introduced into the system. You can get a metal rod or stick to pin the brake pedal down between the clutch and accelerator. (See this thread for reference http://www.e30tech.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39965 )

3. If your nuts and bolts are seized you can try heating them up with a propane torch of some sort and gently tap with a hammer. Applying some liquid wrench/PB blaster might help. Dont do like me, grabbing it with a gorilla fist and end up having to get a "new to me" caliper:facepalm: . I have broken my bleed nut in the caliper. Oh yeh, be careful when heating the connection between the hard line and the brake hose, the fuel line also run in that area too and be careful of the fuel tank. If u need to heat this area, reach your hands in and point the torch outwards.

4. If u are unlucky in getting a different colour brake fluid. You can make sure your system is thoroughly purged by passing 1.5L of fluid thru it. Since the system is 1.5L in capacity I bought 2L of fluid and when my 2 bottles are finished it means that I have completely flushed the system.

Thats all I can remember for now.

CokMinusTheS54 06-10-2011 06:08 PM

I'm trying to replace my brake lines with new SS lines also. I ran into a problem right away though. I can't get the clip/bracket unhooked for the rear brake lines, the one just under the lower control arm where it is secured. I assume you just pry up and over with a flat blade but it is not working for me. Any tips or suggestions?

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