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benjonescs 11-16-2009 11:18 AM

Coolant Overhaul Advice Needed
Hey all,
New to bmw with a 00 328i, and so far I have just replaced a control arm, cam pos sensor, and oil. Ignoring the rear differential thud noise for now, but it's at 108k miles, so it's general maintenance time. I have SES codes below that are I read with my generic code reader. I am about to replace my upstream 02 sensors, fuel filter, MTF (using Red Line MTF), belts, and tensioners (Not yet sure if I have a hydraulic or mechanical tensioner for the water pump/alt belt). In addition I am going to replace my upper and lower radiator hoses, thermostat and assembly, and one hose from the expansion tank to the heater core. The hose clamps are new to me. So, a few questions to you E46 fanatics...

Is there a post or pointers on how to remove the bmw coolant hose clamps properly?

Is there a good posts or recommendations on properly bleeding and refilling the coolant system as to avoid getting air in the system?

Should I change the Expansion Tank (Doesn't appear to be leaking)?

Should I change the water pump?

Should I get the BMW coolant or just coolant from the parts store?

Please let me in on any pointers or advice you may have for this maintenance task.

I recently purchased this car, and if I am forgetting any 100k miles maintenance please let me know. I am going to replace the upstream 02 sensors and fuel filter, and at that time better evaluate the hoses and see what type of belt tensioner I need to get for the wp/alt belt drive. Parts are on order and I should be starting soon.

The SES codes:
P1250: fuel-trim
P0173: fuel-trim malfunction (bank 2)
P0170: fuel-trim malfunction (bank 1)
P1188: Oxygen Sensor High Resistance Upstream (pre-cat) / Fuel Control Bank 1 Sensor 1
P1189: Type 1 Low Resistance Upstream (pre-cat) / Fuel Control Bank 2 Sensor 1
P1478: Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (very small leak)


logan01 04-26-2011 01:38 PM

Thermostat Assembly
Could someone suggest a perferred brand and what should be included when purchaing a thermostat housing unit :hi:

mal1110 04-26-2011 01:56 PM

Im doing mine now. Id just replace everything if I were you. Water pump, thermostat, upper and lower rad hoses, coolant temp sensor, expansion tank, filler cap. While you're doing that you may want to check/replace AC and WP/Alternator belts/pulleys.

To bleed (according to what I've read) you turn the key to pos 2, temp to 91, fan on lowest, 3 red dots. You open bleeder screw and fill ET with coolant until it runs out without air bubbles.

Some of the pros here can come and correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, I don't know the deal with non-bmw coolant but most people say to use the BMW stuff. Probably worth the few bucks extra or whatever.

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