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XscoreX 11-17-2009 08:01 AM

X m// series
man I like the X series. In fact I love the x6 and im probably going to trade the e46 for an x5 soon. But the M// version are so ugly!. I had an x5 m// pull up behind me and I was like. WTF is this thing! I knew from the bumper it was an M// but I thought some a hole had bought a crazy aftermarket kit for his X5, It made it look gaudy & cheap. Then yesterday I saw an X6 m// I live near the factory and it was camouflaged, Its a little better but that bumper has to go. Also why would you need a crazy 500 hp SUV? I dont even understand why they have M// versions of these cars. Maybe the x6 but not the x5

Riverbmr3 11-17-2009 08:39 AM

X5 M and X6M were produced to compete Cayenne turbo, VW touareg and its class i guess...i like it...

XscoreX 11-17-2009 08:53 AM

I just think if I had the 85k or whatever they cost I would go buy an m//6. Dont like the front bumpers on them at all

downwithbrown7 11-17-2009 08:55 AM

if you had 85k and kids what would you buy a minivan?
these suvs are for the rich and famous

nightdagger 11-17-2009 11:19 AM

I'm not in love with the styling but the one I saw in person looked pretty good. Plus I'd rather have one of those than any other SUV (with the possible exception of a Cayenne Turbo) because of the performance.

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