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mkaria 12-25-2009 06:49 PM

Hesitation/start up 330 2001
Hi Guys, this is my first post so here goes... the car is a 2001 330 ci sport convertible with 46K miles on the clock

When my e46 2001 330 conv sport is cold it starts up and drives perfect. Problem is, when the car has warmed up and I turn it off, it has a problem starting up again and only "dribbles" back to life after turning the key. It normally has problems starting up another two times after and starts properly on the third attempt. Occasionally after restarting the car feels odd and lacks power.

This problem happens only when the car is restarted once warmed and usually sorts itself out on the third attempt at starting. Also, I think the thermostat is bad as the car takes ages to warm up and now the temp needle very really goes to the middle point as it should (unless im stuck in traffic). When on the motorway (highway) it stays between the blue bit and middle point.

Do you think these two issues are related?

The car is not registering any faults on the CEL.

There are a lot of posts on here advising the coils are likely to be bad but wanted your help for any pointers please... I've seen a few other posts on Camshaft position sensor and vacuum leaks etc.

To be honest, I've just spent 1.5k on the car with new wheels and replacing the tensioner and oil sensor and am trying to keep repairs as cheap as poss. so any help would be appreciated-

Thanks in advance and very Merry Christmas to all-

dmax 12-25-2009 07:40 PM

I think you sort of guessed that you, at least, have a thermostat problem...almost undoubtedly. They 'fail safe' as in staying opened and will take longer to warm up and run cooler on highway or constant speed. Idling for 5 mins. probably brings temp back closer to center. Anyway, I've been through this twice and it's always therm.

On starts, just read today about someone with similar 'loss of power' and it was MAF for him...ymmv Maybe try to clean it carefully and at least eliminate that as issue.



dmax 12-25-2009 07:48 PM

some other quick thoughts ...to give you a chance at saving money...

I just went through therm and read probably 200 posts on it...I'd say maybe one or two members 'just' had low coolant, so check that properly (many threads on that and of course yet some controversy about how to do that right...how to do the filling right, I should say, not the checking...in morning when cold open up cap and make sure level is good--top off and bleed if necessary--the bleeding is the controversial stuff for some)

Doubt this is it, but if you haven't changed either air or fuel filters--not too expensive, easy diy, certainly wouldn't hurt if neither has been done in a while, or if you're using gas from many different sources...and that 'might' do it for you.

Think that's all I got!


mkaria 12-25-2009 08:03 PM

Thanks Doug, appreciate your help with this, I'll have a look at the points you've suggested

Hope you're having a good Christmas!

mkaria 05-02-2010 05:25 PM

Just thought I'd post a follow up... it turned out to be bad cam position sensors. Replaced and car is running 100% better with much better MPG, acceleration, no hesitation and generally much better. Found out about the sensors after hooking up to diagnostics... I thought it was the coils before diagnostic test

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