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Krix330cic(NJ) 03-30-2003 04:49 PM

Cure for "lines" in lcd picture when cars running?
its actually for my friends truck with a 7" widescreen accel LCD.

when keys to ACC/ lcd works perfect. When running, has tiny lines in picture.

what can he buy to cure that? :dunno:

dt32569 03-30-2003 07:48 PM

What do they look like?
Horizontal scrolling lines?

That is a ground problem. Many home theater setups get that caused by ground loops in the sat or cable runs.
Try making sure all grounds are good. Then separate the cables..or get better shielded ones.

Krix330cic(NJ) 03-31-2003 10:16 AM

he grounded the lcd and dvd to the factory ground locations where other stuff is grounded, he said he just ordered a noise filter too.

is their a filter or something for the lines now too?

dt32569 03-31-2003 06:22 PM

Well, I know in home systems it is a ground problem. Id try the grounds before he does anything else. If swapping the grounds around doesn't help..then it may be elctrical interference. I know RON once mentioned on here that Pioneer HUs need a new ground - that the factory ground didn't work too well with them.
If all else fails..then....a noise filter.....trial and error.

Ron@Streeteffectz 03-31-2003 08:54 PM

It's not a ground problem. One of two things will correct the problem....the first would be better RCA cables, or, the power wire that was used may be too small of a guage. The simplest way to correct this problem, however, is putting a filter on the ignition wire to the monitor.

dt32569, we put relays on all pioneer screens incoming power to elimiate screen jump, something strange in pioneer flip out screens, and this corrects the problem.

dt32569 03-31-2003 08:58 PM

or THAT :-) Its always a ground problem in home theater...that's what I know..the home stuff

Ron@Streeteffectz 03-31-2003 09:04 PM

Yeah man, home theatre can get screwy with bad grounds, that's for sure....just bad connections in general. Even so, car audio/video can get really messed up with bad grounds too, more so than home, that's for sure. :)

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