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bob_g 02-15-2010 07:26 PM

Xenon control module-E46-swapping
I noticed my headlight on the driver side flickering this morning on the way to work so I did some checking online when I got home, looks like from my reading it may may be the Control Module or the ignition element. I would like to swap the control units and see if the flickering moves to the other side, what I read this seems to be the easiest to do. I was looking closer at the unit and the bracket is the control module held on to the bracket by the 3 trox? screws, the one with the heads you have to get to from the bottom? or is there some easier when to get it off? I will say one thing there is not a lot of room to work in.

This is on 2005 330xi


Darth Bimmer 02-16-2010 01:12 AM

Do yourself a favor, remove the headlights, takes about 2 min. on each side and you can confortably work on your bench or in the living room if you want...

Otherwise, you'll end up with skinned knuckles and a sore neck. Once you swaped the modules from one lamp to the other, just put the lamps on top of the rad and plug them in. this way if you have any more work to do you won't have to remove the lamps one more time.

bob_g 02-16-2010 07:19 PM

Is there a link for doing this, does it add any more time if I have the self-leveling lights? and headlight washers?


Darth Bimmer 02-16-2010 07:49 PM

Self leveling: NO
Head lamp washer: Not really but, you'll get your pants wet.

First, wrap some cardboard around the lamp washer hose and squeez it with small vise-grips, so you don't lose all your W/W.

With a small screw driver pry the lamp washer out a bit (be very gentle or you'll crack the flimsy painted cover) and when you can, fit your fingers behind it and pull it out. Once you did that you'll see how it's made like a -T- at the end. Grabe both sides of the T's bar and yank it out. It's just clipped in. When you do that the rest of the washer nozzle wile slide back and spit what's left of W/W on your pants.

Once that's done you have two screws on top of the headlamp and two others that are lower behinf the rad. support. you then just slide the lamp out.

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