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raymond3080 02-22-2010 06:27 PM

Q:2001 330 motor with 328 DME?
Just wondering if this might work from what I can see the 328 is the non drive by wire as the 323 is. Since I have a 323 DME running the 330, I would imagine a 328 DME would be better for it as a 330 DME cannot be used since it is meant for the drive by wire. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

Link for some reference http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthr...283&highlight=

95blkmax 02-23-2010 11:16 AM

Man completely disregard what I said, I feel like an A-hole. I just noticed you were the guy that did the swap I mentioned (work is taking up too much of my sleep time lol).

I dont see how it would be worth the hassle of swapping DMEs man. After all for example, 323 or 328 DME, you'd still need a tune in order to get the most out of the engine swap.

In order to see how far off the engine's tune is (relative to actual 330s, if any at all), have you put this car on the dyno (R1killa asked this on page 3 of the referred thread but you never answered to it)? At least this way you'd be able to compare power curves and a/f curves to those of a 3.0 and DME to check this.

raymond3080 03-09-2010 11:46 AM

lol...thats alright everyone makes mistakes...I don't really car about hp I hardly have enough time to work on the car as it is. As for hassle in swapping dme's it is just a computer and should be plug and play...but I am not sure about the security thats why I am asking...Summer is coming and once that happens my bike comes out and the bimmer collects dust...

95blkmax 03-10-2010 02:14 AM

I would ASSume them to be different slightly, so not plug-n-play (we all know what assumption stands for lol).

My reasoning behind that ASSumption being that the M54 DME would have a different setup for the throttle body, being that it's an E-TB vs a cable operated setup on the M52TU's DME that should only have a TPS signal to worry about, rather than a throttle position input and accelerator pedal position input. Everything else however, as proven by your swap, should all by the same.

One would have to look at the wiring diagrams for both DMEs to find out for example, if the accelerator position signal even goes to the DME before going to the TB, OR if it goes directly to the TB and then a TPS signal is sent from the TB to the DME. If the latter, the next thing would be to find out if it's the same kind of signal (it could be stepped, it could be linear, etc...). If it's the same signal then it should not be hard at all to get the M54 DME to work. If it's not, then well, it's up to you to determine if the work is worth the outcome :)

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