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Brandond11 04-21-2010 04:07 PM

New Anyone in Denver Thread

PEZi720 04-21-2010 04:43 PM


Roland H 04-21-2010 04:43 PM

But why?

delirium45 04-21-2010 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by Roland H (Post 11638348)
But why?

exactly... 295 pages was just a start :)

Cazz 04-21-2010 08:10 PM

In B4 Azzy ...

azzy989 04-21-2010 09:24 PM

Rofl..... In after cazz :eeps:

PEZi720 04-21-2010 10:21 PM

lol... azlan got sloppy seconds...

azzy989 04-21-2010 10:26 PM

I'll take sloppy seconds if I think it's worth it :eeps: or three... Or four on the floor :eeps: :eeps:

2wenty6 04-21-2010 10:48 PM

Why is it still "Anyone in Denver?" :eeps:

azzy989 04-22-2010 12:15 AM

as far as i know, the last remaining person who actually lived in denver (brandon) has moved away.... so we have bailey, longmont, golden, 2 for wyoming, lone tree, parker ETC ETC ... we are looking for more "real" denverites :eek: any other takers... who will come forward


also what is the etiquette on this thread? can we post in the other thread if we see fit? are we just opening this one up so that we can tool around even more than we usually do....? i hope so

Cazz 04-22-2010 12:35 AM

I think I may be the only Denverite here.

Someone should have started the "Anyone in Northern Colorado, Wyoming, S.D, Afghanistan" thread....

azzy989 04-22-2010 12:53 AM

whooops definitely forgot about afghanistan :rofl: sorry rich....

well who is going to the euro meet... it's in golden so you know i'll be there lol

Brandond11 04-22-2010 08:29 AM

I was thinking we could start a new thread, catch St. Louis again, and tool around like usual... Just a thought though

I'm going to be at the Euro thing, caliper should be here tomorrow :woot:

Richaraiza 04-22-2010 08:44 AM

Awwww! Come ONNNNN! I was dominating the other thread! WTF! Actually I was thinking about starting a new thread called "***Denver and Friends OFFICIAL OT Thread***"

I guess I'm happy to be on the first page. :(

Roland H 04-22-2010 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by Richaraiza (Post 11641492)
I guess I'm happy to be on the first page. :(

You sure don't look like it... :confused:

thread needs new title. ASAP.

azzy989 04-22-2010 04:17 PM

well you guys are doing a poor job if that was your initial plan. we haven't even made it to a page

PEZi720 04-22-2010 04:30 PM


Brandond11 04-22-2010 04:32 PM

So who's coming Saturday?

azzy989 04-22-2010 04:45 PM


i'm coming....

Richaraiza 04-22-2010 05:17 PM

I'm Cumming

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