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tim330i 04-23-2010 02:47 PM

Cruising the Back Roads with Bimmianís twin M3s
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For the typical auto enthusiast, do-it-your-self modification and refinement is the norm. The true enjoyment is in the DRIVE and the aesthetic beauty of our machines. We may seek out the latest Specs on the newest tuned out road monster eagerly, but choose more subtle and personalized modifications for our beloved automobile. It is in this spirit of "do it in your garage and make it your own" that the Bimmian team set out to modify the Twin E46 M3 Cabrios. These "Twins" began identical in all factory specifications and were refitted to match the theme and scope of two different visions, an exercise in personalizing perfection.

The BMW E46 has quickly become the most popular tuning vehicle in the BMW line-up. With a clean and contemporary yet sporty European style, the BMW 3 series 1999-2006 remains a mainstay and favorite of BMW enthusiasts. The E46 M3 is still one of the fastest and most recognizable off-the-lot European Sports cars available. With a stock 3.2L inline 6 cylinder engine generating 333hp, this car leaves most of us with more than enough power to play with right off the line. The rag top convertible M3 was the start point for the bimmian design team, the perfect car for a long drive down some back roads at high speed and the traffic of the city left far behind.

Carbon Black has always been one of the nicest BMW paint colors. The sun sparkles off the rich dark blue yet as the light dims, it fades to a sleek black. The Stealth M3 was inspired by this color and its tendency to be seen and not seen. Starting on the project car from stock, it was clear that many small parts of the vehicle would have to be modified to remove any bright or dull colors. The front orange bumper reflector became an eyesore, and had to be painted to blend into the body of the car. Bimmian has always specialized in quality painted parts so the evolution continued with a painted replacement for the stock Hood washer grille. As the reflector disappeared and was blended into the front bumper, so the hood washer just became part of the hood.

The next obvious step was the removal of all chrome from the car to keep with the theme. At first the painted kidney grille was considered but it was decided to replace both the M side grilles and the kidneys with Matte black to complete the blackout. Jet Black roundels all round even removed the blue from the BMW emblem keeping with the stealth theme. With the body of the M3 now completely devoid of any chrome or color the orange lenses had to go! Keeping with the stealth theme the front lenses were replaced with smoked clears and SOLARIS mirror bulbs installed to remove any orange refection. The transition to stealth was complete.

It has always been a must to install Halos into the E46 so as par for the course CCFL Angel Eyes were included in the mod. To ensure the absence of yellow was maintained on the M3 it was decided to go with a cool 6000K. Matched with a XENFLO HID upgrade from 4300K stock yellow to 6000K PURE WHITE and Xenon license plate bulbs, the exterior lighting gave the Convertible a distinctive look at night completing the transformation from stock to shock.

Moving in a complete different direction from the sleek elegance of the Stealth M3, the brighter TWIN of the Bimmain pair was sure to be seen. Starting off in a bright Imola red, both a favorite for race cars and police cars alike, the vision for this M3 was pure aggressiveness. Dressed more for burning rubber out of a pit stop than lurking in the city streets, the Bimmian design team wanted to make this stock M3 stand out from the rest. The biggest and most obvious modification was the Vorstiener hood, Trunk lid and front bumper. These light weight Carbon Fiber replacements reduced the overall weight of the vehicle by approx 40 lbs and gave the already aggressive stance of the E46 M3 a major facelift. Custom painted in the Bimmian shop, the hood accents both the Imola red and the Black Carbon Fiber giving the vehicle a two tone effect. The hood vents add a dimension of strength to the vehicle that reassures those who double take on this 3 series that it is in fact an M3. Having the high curved trunk eliminates the need for a spoiler and gives the race car feel on the rear end. The CSL style front bumper with the accented Carbon Fiber splitters completes the Carbon Fiber two tone on the front end.

As with the Stealth M3, the Orange and chrome has to go! Rear taillights were replaced with full-LED, giving an updated look to the rear of the vehicle while Solaris Invisibulbs were installed in the front and side lenses to hid the orange reflection of the turn signal bulbs. Keeping with the vibrant theme of the car, front lenses are replaced with Clear rather than the Smoke replacements. The side markers are upgraded with bimmian LED signals both brighter and clearer than the stock repeaters. As so much Black Carbon Fiber was left on the car it was decided to do full AutoCarbon replacements of the grilles rather than matte black or paint matched. Both the front kidney grilles and the M side grilles are real Carbon Fiber replacements in stark contrast to the stock chrome. Continuing with the Carbon the BMW emblems were overlaid with a Bimmain dynamic CF roundel kit in red and black to match the body of the vehicle. Racing stripes were added along the bottom of the doors to complete the theme of the track car.

Also in contrast to it's TWIN , this M3 was fitted with the new LED Angel Eye kit and an 8000K XENOFLO HID upgrade to give the headlights a light blue hue rather than the pure white of the stealth M3. The 8000K Xenon gives this racer a distinctive look at night that lets others know from afar that they had better get out of the way. Bright and fast, this two tone black and red BMW M3 is an eye catcher that breathes the need for speed.

Interior space of the vehicle is a personal space for any driver. Although a bimmer may gleam on the exterior the cockpit is what the driving experience is all about. The E46 M3 interior is designed for maximum performance and comfort for the hand on the wheel, so bimmian decided these two TWINS needed a facelift on the inside as well. Starting off with ICE, both vehicles received Pioneer AVIC units, featuring Navigation, Bluetooth, DVD/MP3, etc. The dash boards of these vehicles had to be extensively modified to accommodate these double din 7" units and feature custom made double din bezels. AutoCarbon trim seems to fit in well with both themes and just added that finishing touch. The Black Carbon Fiber covered up the brushed aluminum trim in the stealth M3 keeping in line with the blackout look both inside and out. The Carbon accents all over the Carbon M3 demanded the same treatment. In this respect the two remained TWINS to a certain extent with full interior trim kits with different accents. For the Stealth the E-brake handle was replaced with a bimmian CF handle to balance the dash trim in the center of the vehicle. For the M3 racer it was in your face just like the exterior carbon, accented with an AutoCarbon CF steering wheel replacement.

Once completed the Bimmian TWIN M3s didn't seem as similar as each had it's own personality and it's own unique look and feel. Same under the hood the two side by side are a testimony to how each garage enthusiast can shape their own personality and tastes into their love of the automobile. For the bimmian design team it was all about hitting that open road, opening up that throttle and doing it in personalized perfection.


Owner: Jeremy Blowers
Location: Oshawa, ON
Vehicle: 2002 BMW M3 Cabrio
Power: 333 hp with 269lb-ft

ENGINE: BMW 3.2L S54 inline-6
BRAKES: SP Performance Drilled/Slotted Rotors and HAWK Ceramic Brake Pads

Bimmian JET Black Roundel Kit
Bimmian Micro Antenna
Bimmian Custom Euro Plate
Bimmian Matte Black kidney Grilles and M3 Side Grilles
Bimmian Painted HoodWasher Grille
Bimmian M3 Painted Reflectors
Bimmian M3 Painted Fog Light Moldings
Bimmian M3 Painted Lip Spoiler

AutoCarbon Black Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
AutoCarbon Black Carbon Fiber E-brake Handle
Bimmian CUSTOM Black rubber floor mats
Bimmian Aluminum Pedal set

SOUND: Pioneer Navigation/CD/DVD/iPod/Bluetooth Head Unit

XENOFLO HID Fog light upgrade 6000K PURE WHITE
Bimmian CCFL Halo Ring kit 6000K
Bimmian LED Cabrio Tail light kit
Bimmian SMOKED Front lenses
Bimmian SMOKED LED Side markers
SOLARIS Invisibulbs
Bimmian Interior Xenon lighting kit.


Owner: Ian Farr
Location: Toronto, ON
Vehicle: 2001 BMW M3
Power: 333 hp with 269lb-ft

BMW 3.2L S54 inline-6

SP Performance Rotors
HAWK Ceramic Brake Pads
Volocity Motoring CSL Style 19" Wheels

Bimmian Dynamic Carbon Fiber Black and Red Roundel kit
Vorstiener M3 Carbon Fiber Hood
Vorstiener M3 Carbon Fiber Trunk lid
Vorstiener M3 CSL Style Front Bumper with CF Splitters
Bimmian Micro Antenna
AutoCarbon Black CF kidney Grilles and M3 Side Grilles
Bimmian Painted Hoodwasher Grille
Bimmian Custom Euro Plate with Authentic German Dealer Holder

AutoCarbon Black CF Interior trim kit
AutoCarbon Black CF Steering Wheel trim
Bimmian Aluminum Pedal Set
Bimmian M3 Gauge face
Panasonic GPS/DVD XM Radio

Pioneer Navigation/CD/MP3/Bluetooth Head Unit
Harmon Kardon Speakers

Bimmian LED Halo Ring kit
Bimmian LED Cabrio Tail Light kit
SOLARIS Invisibulbs - Front and Side
Bimmian Interior Xenon LED lighting kit.

JLEVI Street Werks
Velocity WHEELS
Gillett Auto Detailers
Luke Krajcarski - Makerlight Photography
Aaron Farr
Chris Kleinschmidt

The Bimmian LED taillights update the back end of any E46 giving the vehicle a clean new look. Lenses are SMOKED or CLEAR depending on the overall theme of the car.

The AutoCarbon interior is a sleek and sexy upgrade to any BMW. The team from AutoCarbon.de design quality Carbon Fiber interior kits for many models including the new 3 Series E90/92/93 and E60. Taking German engineering and style even further with this European upgrade.

BMWs made for the European market do not require the North American front bumper reflector. The Euro look can still be obtained by a reflector delete. A custom painted bumper reflector replacement is the easiest aesthetic mod you can make to a BMW made for the North American Market.

rEid46_323 04-24-2010 05:19 PM

both cars could use a drop:)

great work and amazing post!

BMW2006 04-25-2010 12:15 AM

Two sweet cars. Great write up!

BioBa 04-25-2010 01:42 AM

I am so in love with the Vorsteiner carbon hood and trunk plus those rims = PURE PERFECTION! On the other hand I do like chrome. No idea why the chrome grill needed to be removed. Chrome is good!! I rather add chrome (shows my age I guess)!

stak 04-26-2010 12:27 AM

nobody is drivin the red convertible?...madness

wicked_tattoo 04-27-2010 07:50 AM

Nobody is driving either car.....

jeremykrak 04-28-2010 08:45 AM

omfg. these cars are driving themselves. how much is the autopilot kit???

lets get a group buy going...

1. jeremykrak

ramtin325i 08-15-2010 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by jeremykrak (Post 11669308)
omfg. these cars are driving themselves. how much is the autopilot kit???

lets get a group buy going...

1. jeremykrak


omegaSMP300 01-23-2013 12:38 PM

nice cars. good post.

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