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illmatic7281 04-10-2003 11:19 PM

Somebody Pinch me
Was browsin Crutchfield for the XM Tuner for my alpine 7995 HU. I found the tuner, Alpine TUA-T020XM there for 249.99 which was kinda steep.
http://www.crutchfield.com/S-EbsIyKS...sp?i=500T020XM I know the sony and Pioneers are cheaper.

So i was lookin at the universal Alpine unit that u connect to fatory raidios. I was shocked. It came with the the same tuner, the Alpine TUA-T020XM along with the fm modulator which i won need and the control panel which i wont need. They were sellin this one for 149.99!!
http://www.crutchfield.com/S-EbsIyKS...p?i=500XMAT200 Makes no sense.......did i stumble upon a steal here or will this unit somehow not work with the alpine deck. Im guessin i just not plug in the Control panel and RF modulator and im set....So am i missing something here. Somebody jump in and tell me this isnt gonna work cause there different units.....

drgalleg 04-11-2003 03:40 PM

Re: Somebody Pinch me
Nope - looks like you found yourself a nice little loophole for existing alpine customers to get the tuner for cheap. Its the same tuner model (it looks like).

Crutchfield is doing that special because they want to push out XM subscriptions. They can afford to basically give away the tuner (which they are, since if you look the orig. price should be 2x's that).

In the case of the tuner only, they obviously can't just "give it away" by pricing it for $0.00, so they stick w/ the original $250.00 price.

I say go for it and have fun.

illmatic7281 04-11-2003 05:13 PM

yea it seems that way.....did some more research and its the exact same unit and i get the rf adaptor and display box along with it...i could always try and fetch a few dollars on ebay for those. For all u alpine users with XM ready HU, all i can say is go get em while they last

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