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Kris.R 06-28-2010 12:48 AM

...::Hamann Lip for Non-M 2Dr::...
I found some online but the majority of them are polyurethane. Would any of the sponsors here have them in stock or know where to source one made of ABS or even fiberglass/duraflex? Thanks for the help guys. :hi:


Andrew@euro-spec 06-28-2010 12:59 AM

We have them. I do believe its poly, though. it MIGHT be ABS, but thats a slight chance. ill check into it though and get back to you.

Kris.R 06-28-2010 01:04 AM

Oh wow thank you bro! I <3 Euro-Spec.

Andrew@euro-spec 06-28-2010 01:09 AM

No problem man! ill get back to you.
BTW nice sig :thumbsup:

Kris.R 06-28-2010 01:42 AM

Thanks man, I've been getting a lot of compliments on my sig lol

Don H 06-28-2010 01:50 AM

Id definitely read "her" news paper... nom nom nom! LOL

Andrew@euro-spec 06-28-2010 01:59 AM

LOL, you take the newspaper n read it, ill enjoy whats behind it. :eek:



the_true_jojo 06-28-2010 02:01 AM

Andrew, i have also sent you a request for pricing regarding the lip.


Andrew@euro-spec 06-28-2010 02:04 AM

^Yea i saw it man. Im gonna look into the international charges for it and get back to you.


Snik 06-28-2010 02:10 AM

If you're not gonna post the prices, could u let me know also.
Also, what's so bad about the poly lip, isn't that better than fg?

Andrew@euro-spec 06-28-2010 02:49 AM

Poly is better then FG in the sense that its stronger, more durable. It scratches, where FG would crumble n crack. Poly is more durable, flexible, and would probably fit better then a FG version. We have both FG and Poly available for sedans.

At the same time, FG is easier to repair and fix.


Kris.R 06-28-2010 11:25 AM

Let us know if you can get the pricing soon Andrew. I would love to have this lip on my car. :)

Kris.R 06-28-2010 03:49 PM

I hope these lips are also cheaper than competitor sites. The cheapest I found so far is just about $180 shipped. Come on Euro-Spec guys, we're counting on you for the awesome prices that you all are known for! :)

Andrew@euro-spec 06-28-2010 08:08 PM

We will be able to match or beat the $180 shipped price. Just gotta do a little more research. for some reason, the pieces we have arent labeled coupe or sedan, so as soon as i test fit em, ill get back to you guys. sorry its taking so long.


Kris.R 06-28-2010 09:36 PM

Thanks Andrew! If you can do that, my paypal is ready as soon as you say you have coupe fitment in stock lol.

Andrew@euro-spec 06-28-2010 09:41 PM

Sounds good. ill be letting you guys know by tomorrow.

Kris.R 06-29-2010 03:02 PM

*anxiously waiting* :)

the_true_jojo 06-29-2010 06:54 PM

Andrew, the best i got for lip + international shipping was $205.00 (US) ...fingers crossed you can beat this price =)

the_true_jojo 07-01-2010 07:57 PM

Any news???

Andrew@euro-spec 07-02-2010 05:58 PM

still doing research on the units we have.

i did find out that we also had some sort of hamann style splitters that go under the lip as well...

this could be interesting... :4ngie:

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