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coopV2 08-27-2010 01:31 AM

FRONT & REAR camera install. Savin splitters
Hi there guys,
If anyone is looking for info to install the rear view camera then head on over to the Dynavin thread.....http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthr...hlight=dynavin.
And check out post #4.
Further to that post.
I have also now fitted a front camera, to help eliminate parking damage to my splitters on my front bar.
Here it is mounted next to the left splitter.

First bit of info that will help in the front or rear install, Is that there is available, an AV line that has an activation line running internally, and exiting at each end. this can carry power to the camera, or from the camera, if it has reverse light power activation, and the DVD player can be connected to the reverse active wire on the back of the DVD. saves searching for reverse + power to turn on the AV camera input..... see below
I ran the camera wires up from under the headlight, along the inner fender to the DME housing, in thru a little grommet, and snipped a small hole in the main harness boot, stretching the hole to feed the AV connector thru. and out into the DME / electrical case.
Next I located the white plastic mount on the fire wall. an easy place to feed the cable thru to the under dash area.
See the red arrow.
and on the other side is the main fuse board, ( RIGHT HAND DRIVE ) and the back of the plastic mount.
In the drop down fuse panel.... you will see 3 distinct sections. the whole lower row is active all the time. the upper row is split into 2 sections, left side is active when accessories is turned on at the key. right side is active with ignition on ready to start the car. you will see several open fuse vacancies, and can insert a blade connector into any of those, but make sure you add an inline fuse to protect your electrics.
NOW i have run the AV line to the back of the DVD, where the rear view camera is connected to the REAR AV IN. I picked up a $4 AV splitter and plugged both cameras into that line.
You will see below my fingers that the lower AV line has the small red wire coming from it, That is the power source to the front camera. rear camera gets power from the reverse light.
(see the Dynavin thread.)
Next is the power switching method to run both cameras.
And to keep the voltage separate from the front and rear, this is what I did.
from the electronics shop, I got hold of some small ZENNER DIODES. they control voltage direction. with the silver band being on the exit side of +pos. they will block power coming from the silver band side of the Diode. So you can join 2 of these on the silver band side and then power thru one wire will not cross over to the other side.
Next image you can see the ON/OFF/ON switch I have mounted in the panel next to the DSC button.
+pos from the fuse board is fed to the middle connector on the switch backside.
the 2 wires with the Diodes on are also connected, one to the left and one on the right. the switch works backwards.... pushing on the left side button, connects to the right wire, and vise verse.
SO. the little red wire from the AV is fixed to one side, and will not get power when the switch is thrown the other way, because of the Diodes. and regardless of left or right switching, both sides power up the DVD rear activation wire. that opens up the camera AV cable source.
While I had the dash trim off I decided to fit the IR receiver for the digital TV remote. Drilled a small hole and filed it out some, then using double sided 3M tape, i mounted the IR receiver.
Here you go, all done and workin a treat.
View from the rear, with the switch activated and in reverse gear.
View from the front bar, out of reverse now, switched to the other side only.
And in this shot the car is 18" from my workshop wall, the block of wood is low enough to just clear my splitter, but just flush to the tip of the splitter. the image is in reverse, and the fish eye effect makes it hard to judge at first.
Anyway hope this is of help to some of you.

WALKD U 08-27-2010 02:08 PM

Nice Post :D Link on where to get the Camera? and how you mounted the Rears?


PreppyR6 08-27-2010 02:09 PM


PreppyR6 08-27-2010 02:19 PM

Is it possible to flip the image so its not backwards? Also, how do you turn power on and off for the front camera (I know the rear gets it from the taillight and will automatically engage the screen). Do you have to keep the switch in the off or rear position? What happens if its in front mode and you throw it into reverse?

Alex323Ci 08-27-2010 05:25 PM

nice work.
there is a setting so it won't reverse the screen if you want.

i really like the front, MitE46 had one years ago.
but....isn't that front camera going to get really dirty at that location? :dunno:

coopV2 08-28-2010 08:33 AM


Originally Posted by TrippinBimmer (Post 12175355)
Nice Post :D Link on where to get the Camera? and how you mounted the Rears?

Sure, Right at the front of this post is the link to the Dynavin thread, post #4.
And There is a few on Ebay, I was not sure about putting in a link, as some people do not like the ebay promotion, and better to do your own search using the camera details i have given, to avoid the larger version camera, that will not fit.

Originally Posted by PreppyR6 (Post 12175398)
Is it possible to flip the image so its not backwards? Also, how do you turn power on and off for the front camera (I know the rear gets it from the taillight and will automatically engage the screen). Do you have to keep the switch in the off or rear position? What happens if its in front mode and you throw it into reverse?

Dude read the post again if you have time. you will see all the details on the camera activation. rear camera is powered by the reverse light, as in post #4 .... here.http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthr...hlight=dynavin
the trigger to activate the TV screen is via the new dash switch. on/off/on.
when I put it in reverse, I flick the switch to the right. and when going forward to park, I flick the switch to the left. when switched left, the extra internal wire in the AV cable gives power to the front camera too. very simple.
And not needed all the time, of course. when in reverse and switched forward... there is a fight to decide which signal to display, but no damage, just 2 AV signals at once, but why do that?
The cameras are pre set, flipped image, but not a problem at close range,
and I guess you clean your car occasionally so take the time to wash the lens.

Tonyv 11-26-2012 08:29 AM

Hi all, I'm new to this so if I stuff up please excuse me.
I know this is an old post, but I am in the process of installing a Dynavin clone with front and rear cameras. After having read this post a number of times I'm still confused with the wiring set up. In particular the wiring of the trigger wire for both cameras. If it's possable would you have a complete wiring diagram.

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